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npm-folders(1) -- Folder Structures Used by npm


Everything lives in the root setting. Check npm help config for more on configuration options.

root/.npm/foo is where the stuff for package foo would go.

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/package the contents of the tarball containing foo version 1.0.0

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/main.js Generated file that exports the main module in foo. This is a shim, not a symbolic link, so that relative paths will work appropriately.

root/foo-1.0.0/{module-name}.js Generated shim corresponding to a module defined in the modules option. The module shim requires root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/package/{module-path}.js

The main script is implemented by creating an index.js file in this folder.

root/foo/ Symlink to the active version's module folder.

root/.npm/foo/active symlink to the active version.

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/dependencies links to the modules that foo depends upon. This is loaded into the require path first in the foo shims.

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/dependson links to the package folders that foo depends on. This is here so that npm can access those packages programmatically.

root/.npm/foo/1.0.0/dependents links to the packages that depend upon foo.

root/.npm/.cache the cache folder.

root/.npm/.cache/foo/1.0.0/package.json the parsed package.json for foo@1.0.0

root/.npm/.cache/foo/1.0.0/package.tgz the tarball of foo@1.0.0

root/.npm/.cache/foo/1.0.0/package the untouched pristine copy of foo@1.0.0