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.\" Generated with Ronnjs/v0.1
.TH "NPM\-EDIT" "1" "November 2010" "" ""
\fBnpm-edit\fR \-\- Edit an installed package
npm edit <name>[@<version>]
Opens the package folder in the default editor (or whatever you\'ve
configured as the npm \fBeditor\fR config \-\- see \fBnpm help config\fR\|\.)
After it has been edited, the package is rebuilt so as to pick up any
changes in compiled packages\.
Note: If you\'re finding yourself using this a lot, it\'s probably better
to use \fBnpm link\fR instead\. However, it is extremely handy when used in
conjunction with \fBnpm bundle\fR\|\.
For instance, you can do \fBnpm bundle install connect\fR to install connect
into your package, and then \fBnpm bundle edit connect\fR to make a few
changes to your locally bundled copy\.
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