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.\" Generated with Ronnjs/v0.1
.TH "NPM\-COMPLETION" "1" "December 2010" "" ""
\fBnpm-completion\fR \-\- Tab Completion for npm
You should set up tab completion for npm if you haven\'t already\.
There are a few ways to do this:
.IP "1" 4
Add \fB\|\. /path/to/npm\-completion\.sh\fR to your ~/\.bashrc file\. OR:
.IP "2" 4
Create a symlink like this if you have automatic bash completion set up: \fBln \- /path/to/npm\-completion\.sh /etc/bash\-completion\.d/npm\fR
or, perhaps: \fBln \- /path/to/npm\-completion\.sh /usr/local/etc/bash\-completion\.d/npm\fR
.IP "" 0
If you\'re using a non\-bash shell (like zsh or ksh) then this might not work\.
To get the path to the npm\-completion\.sh file, use \fBnpm explore npm pwd\fR\|\.
It\'s a very new feature, and it would be great to get feedback on it\.
Hopefully, I\'ll be able to work out a way to install the completion script
automatically\. If you have any ideas about how that should work, then please
share them\.
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