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docs = $(shell find doc -name '*.md' \
|sed 's|.md|.1|g' \
|sed 's|doc/|man1/|g' \
doc_subfolders = $(shell find doc -type d \
|sed 's|doc/|man1/|g' \
node cli.js install npm
node cli.js install
link: uninstall
node cli.js link
clean: uninstall
node cli.js cache clean
node cli.js rm npm
man: man1
man1: $(doc_subfolders)
@if ! test -d man1 ; then mkdir -p man1 ; fi
doc: man1 $(docs)
# use `npm install ronn` for this to work.
man1/%.1: doc/
ronn --roff $< > $@
man1/%/: doc/%/
@if ! test -d $@ ; then mkdir -p $@ ; fi
.PHONY: install install-dev link doc clean uninstall test man
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