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.\" Generated with Ronnjs/v0.1
.TH "NPM\-REBUILD" "1" "March 2011" "" ""
\fBnpm-rebuild\fR \-\- Rebuild a package
npm rebuild [<name>[@<version>] [<name>[@<version>] \.\.\.]]
.IP "\(bu" 4
The package to rebuild
.IP "\(bu" 4
The version range to rebuild\. Any matching installed packages are rebuilt\.
.IP "" 0
This command runs the \fBnpm build\fR command on the matched folders\. This is useful
when you install a new version of node, and must recompile all your C++ addons with
the new binary\.
Regardless of the configuration settings, rebuild always sets \fBupdate\-dependents\fR
and \fBauto\-activate\fR to false, to minimize unexpected side effects\. It does not
change any state outside of the package\'s folder\.
See \fBnpm help build\fR
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