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npm-changelog(1) -- Changes


  • 0.0
    Lots of sketches and false starts. Abandoned a few times.
    Core functionality established.

  • 0.1
    push to beta, and announce
    documentation, caching, more robust script support
    ownership tracking in the registry (no more admin party!)
    more robust config and option parsing
    stabilize semver semantics
    update command
    bundle command
    Rollback for failed installations
    Solaris and Cygwin support

  • 0.2
    First allegedly "stable" release. Various fixes found during the Node Knockout extravaganza
    Minor updates and bugfixes
    more complete semver functionality
    Make npm OK to use programmatically (Charlie Robbins) recursive package removal
    tab completion (Evan Meagher)
    shasums on all tarballs
    explore command: see npm help explore
    docs command: see npm help docs
    Frequently asked questions at npm faq xmas easter egg
    work with homebrew nodejs
    Support for "<name>":"<url>" for dependencies.

  • 0.3
    More correct permission/uid handling. (Sudo now encouraged!)
    Require node 0.4.0
    Separate semver out into a separate utility.
    Packages without "main" modules don't export modules.
    Remove support for invalid JSON (since node doesn't support it)
    No shims! (Still has symlinks, though)

  • 1.0
    Simplify configuration greatly.
    Install locally (bundle by default)
    Drastic rearchitecture

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