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SHELL = bash
markdowns = $(shell find doc -name '*.md' | grep -v 'index')
docs = $(shell find doc -name '*.md' \
|grep -v 'index' \
|sed 's|.md|.1|g' \
|sed 's|doc/|man1/|g' ) \
man1/README.1 \
htmldocs = $(shell find doc -name '*.md' \
|sed 's|.md|.html|g' \
|sed 's|doc/|html/doc/|g' ) \
html/doc/README.html \
doc_subfolders = $(shell find doc -type d \
|sed 's|doc/|man1/|g' )
# This is the default make target.
# Since 'make' typically does non-installation build stuff,
# it seems appropriate.
! [ -d .git ] || git submodule update --init --recursive
latest: submodules
@echo "Installing latest published npm"
@echo "Use 'make install' or 'make link' to install the code"
@echo "in this folder that you're looking at right now."
node cli.js install -g -f npm
install: submodules
node cli.js install -g -f
# backwards compat
dev: install
link: uninstall
node cli.js link -f
clean: uninstall
node cli.js cache clean
uninstall: submodules
node cli.js rm npm -g -f
doc: $(docs) $(htmldocs)
rm $(docs) $(htmldocs)
# use `npm install ronn` for this to work.
man1/README.1: scripts/
scripts/ $< $@
man1/%.1: doc/ scripts/
scripts/ $< $@
html/doc/README.html: html/dochead.html html/docfoot.html scripts/
scripts/ $< $@
html/doc/%.html: doc/ html/dochead.html html/docfoot.html scripts/
scripts/ $< $@
doc/ $(markdowns) scripts/index-build.js
node scripts/index-build.js > doc/
test: submodules
node cli.js test
version: link
git add package.json &&\
git ci -m v$(shell npm -v)
publish: link
git tag -s -m v$(shell npm -v) v$(shell npm -v) &&\
git push origin master &&\
npm publish &&\
make doc-publish
doc-publish: doc
rsync -vazu --stats --no-implied-dirs --delete html/doc/
.PHONY: latest install dev link doc clean uninstall test man doc-publish doc-clean
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