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commit 11e8e4ec778d087271edacfc84baba5331e93a1a 1 parent 115d67d
@isaacs isaacs authored
5 node_modules/fstream/lib/file-writer.js
@@ -36,12 +36,15 @@ FileWriter.prototype._create = function () {
me._stream = fs.createWriteStream(me._path, so)
me._stream.on("open", function (fd) {
+ // console.error("FW open", me._buffer, me._path)
me.ready = true
me._buffer.forEach(function (c) {
if (c === EOF) me._stream.end()
else me._stream.write(c)
+ // give this a kick just in case it needs it.
+ me.emit("drain")
me._stream.on("drain", function () { me.emit("drain") })
@@ -58,6 +61,8 @@ FileWriter.prototype.write = function (c) {
me._bytesWritten += c.length
if (!me.ready) {
+ if (!Buffer.isBuffer(c) && typeof c !== 'string')
+ throw new Error('invalid write data')
return false
4 node_modules/fstream/lib/proxy-writer.js
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ ProxyWriter.prototype._addProxy = function (proxy) {
var calls = me._buffer
calls.forEach(function (c) {
// console.error("~~ ~~ proxy buffered call", c[0], c[1])
- proxy[c[0]].call(proxy, c[1])
+ proxy[c[0]].apply(proxy, c[1])
me._buffer.length = 0
if (me._needsDrain) me.emit("drain")
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ ProxyWriter.prototype.write = function (c) {
ProxyWriter.prototype.end = function (c) {
// console.error("~~ proxy end")
if (!this._proxy) {
- this._buffer.push(["end", c])
+ this._buffer.push(["end", [c]])
return false
return this._proxy.end(c)
6 node_modules/fstream/package.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
"name": "fstream",
"description": "Advanced file system stream things",
- "version": "0.1.20",
+ "version": "0.1.21",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": "git://"
@@ -30,6 +30,6 @@
"license": "BSD",
"readme": "Like FS streams, but with stat on them, and supporting directories and\nsymbolic links, as well as normal files. Also, you can use this to set\nthe stats on a file, even if you don't change its contents, or to create\na symlink, etc.\n\nSo, for example, you can \"write\" a directory, and it'll call `mkdir`. You\ncan specify a uid and gid, and it'll call `chown`. You can specify a\n`mtime` and `atime`, and it'll call `utimes`. You can call it a symlink\nand provide a `linkpath` and it'll call `symlink`.\n\nNote that it won't automatically resolve symbolic links. So, if you\ncall `fstream.Reader('/some/symlink')` then you'll get an object\nthat stats and then ends immediately (since it has no data). To follow\nsymbolic links, do this: `fstream.Reader({path:'/some/symlink', follow:\ntrue })`.\n\nThere are various checks to make sure that the bytes emitted are the\nsame as the intended size, if the size is set.\n\n## Examples\n\n```javascript\nfstream\n .Writer({ path: \"path/to/file\"\n , mode: 0755\n , size: 6\n })\n .write(\"hello\\n\")\n .end()\n```\n\nThis will create the directories if they're missing, and then write\n`hello\\n` into the file, chmod it to 0755, and assert that 6 bytes have\nbeen written when it's done.\n\n```javascript\nfstream\n .Writer({ path: \"path/to/file\"\n , mode: 0755\n , size: 6\n , flags: \"a\"\n })\n .write(\"hello\\n\")\n .end()\n```\n\nYou can pass flags in, if you want to append to a file.\n\n```javascript\nfstream\n .Writer({ path: \"path/to/symlink\"\n , linkpath: \"./file\"\n , SymbolicLink: true\n , mode: \"0755\" // octal strings supported\n })\n .end()\n```\n\nIf isSymbolicLink is a function, it'll be called, and if it returns\ntrue, then it'll treat it as a symlink. If it's not a function, then\nany truish value will make a symlink, or you can set `type:\n'SymbolicLink'`, which does the same thing.\n\nNote that the linkpath is relative to the symbolic link location, not\nthe parent dir or cwd.\n\n```javascript\nfstream\n .Reader(\"path/to/dir\")\n .pipe(fstream.Writer(\"path/to/other/dir\"))\n```\n\nThis will do like `cp -Rp path/to/dir path/to/other/dir`. If the other\ndir exists and isn't a directory, then it'll emit an error. It'll also\nset the uid, gid, mode, etc. to be identical. In this way, it's more\nlike `rsync -a` than simply a copy.\n",
"readmeFilename": "",
- "_id": "fstream@0.1.20",
- "_from": "fstream@~0.1.17"
+ "_id": "fstream@0.1.21",
+ "_from": "fstream@latest"
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