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@@ -4,17 +4,26 @@ This is just enough info to get you up and running.
More info available via `man npm`.
+You need node v0.2.0 or higher to run this program.
+You shouldn't use sudo with it.
## Simple Install
To install npm, do this:
curl | sh
If it dies with a "Permission Denied" or EACCESS error, then that probably
-means that you are running node in a shared root-owned location. In that
-case, you'll have to use sudo.
+means that you are running node in a shared root-owned location. You've
+got options.
- curl | sudo sh
+Using sudo with npm is Very Not Recommended. Either chown the folder that
+is your node install prefix, or set up a `.npmrc` file pointing `root`,
+`binroot`, and `manroot` to folders that you own. (The .npmrc is just an
+ini-formatted file, so you can use any editor to do this.)
## More Fancy Installing
@@ -35,7 +44,9 @@ on it, you can do this:
If you check out the Makefile, you'll see that these are just running npm commands
at the cli.js script directly. You can also use npm without ever installing
-it by using `./cli.js` instead of "npm".
+it by using `node cli.js` instead of "npm". Set up an alias if you want, that's
+fine. (You'll still need read permission to the root/binroot/manroot folders,
+but at this point, you probably grok all that anyway.)
## Uninstalling
@@ -47,6 +58,14 @@ Or, if that fails,
make uninstall
+## Install Problems
+There's was an issue prior to npm version 0.2.0 where packages whose names contained
+hyphen characters would be odd.
+If you've installed any packages with `-` in the name prior to 0.2.0, then you ought
+to remove and reinstall them.
## More Docs
Check out the [docs](

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