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If a url is provided, it will be used by the `npm bugs` command.
+## license
+You should specify a license for your package so that people know how they are
+permitted to use it, and any restrictions you're placing on it.
+The simplest way, assuming you're using a common license such as BSD or MIT, is
+to just specify the name of the license you're using, like this:
+ { "license" : "BSD" }
+If you have more complex licensing terms, or you want to provide more detail
+in your package.json file, you can use the more verbose plural form, like this:
+ "licenses" : [
+ { "type" : "MyLicense"
+ , "url" : ""
+ }
+ ]
+It's also a good idea to include a license file at the top level in your package.
## people fields: author, contributors
The "author" is one person. "contributors" is an array of people. A "person"

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