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docs: remove back-ticks not being parsed as markdown (#21165)
npm install foo, not npm install foo``

PR-URL: #21165
Credit: @hchiam
Reviewed-By: @zkat
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hchiam authored and zkat committed Jul 10, 2018
1 parent 90c759f commit 5724983ea8f153fb122f9c0ccab6094a26dfc631
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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ some other user wants to use that name. Here are some common ways that happens
really has to be updated. Alice works for Foo Inc, the makers of the
critically acclaimed and widely-marketed `foo` JavaScript toolkit framework.
They publish it to npm as `foojs`, but people are routinely confused when
`npm install `foo`` is some different thing.
`npm install foo` is some different thing.
4. Yusuf writes a parser for the widely-known `foo` file format, because he
needs it for work. Then, he gets a new job, and never updates the prototype.
Later on, Alice writes a much more complete `foo` parser, but can't publish,

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