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Update readme to reference super duper easy install script.

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@@ -6,20 +6,15 @@ More info available via `man npm`.
## Simple Install
-To install npm, create a folder where you want to put the code, and then
-cd there, and do this:
+To install npm, do this:
- mkdir npm
- cd npm
- curl -L | tar xz --strip 1
- make
+ curl | sh
If it dies with a "Permission Denied" or EACCESS error, then that probably
means that you are running node in a shared root-owned location. In that
-case, you'll have to use sudo, and it'll behave like a multi-user app.
+case, you'll have to use sudo.
-You can customize this behavior by using the `root` and `binroot` config
-options. See npm-config(1)
+ curl | sudo sh
## More Fancy Installing
@@ -56,17 +51,9 @@ Or, if that fails,
Check out the [docs](
+You can use the [npm help](
+command to read any of them.
If you're a developer, and you want to use npm to publish your program,
you should
[read this](
-## A note about password security
-In order to publish your packages, you must have your auth info
-saved into your .npmrc file. If Cipher and Decipher are supported
-in the "crypto" module, then npm will use them. However, as of
-node 0.1.95, these functions aren't integrated yet.
-You can get around this by doing:
- npm install crypto@0.0.5

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