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typo in root cmd

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1 parent a4c4e09 commit 5accaaa6f0aa19a1c43e51a162d0b87aa4d676ee @isaacs isaacs committed Jul 18, 2012
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2 lib/root.js
@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@ root.usage = "npm root\nnpm root -g\n(just prints the root folder)"
function root (args, silent, cb) {
if (typeof cb !== "function") cb = silent, silent = false
if (!silent) console.log(npm.dir)
- process.nextTic(cb.bind(this, null, npm.dir))
+ process.nextTick(cb.bind(this, null, npm.dir))

2 comments on commit 5accaaa


I just ran into this issue.

sudo npm update -g npm didn't fix it. Are there any other ways of updating npm (other than the manual fix for this, which I've just done.)?

npm member

It hasn't been published in a release yet. You can do npm i -g git:// to fetch master from github.

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