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typo in root cmd

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1 parent a4c4e09 commit 5accaaa6f0aa19a1c43e51a162d0b87aa4d676ee @isaacs isaacs committed Jul 18, 2012
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@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@ root.usage = "npm root\nnpm root -g\n(just prints the root folder)"
function root (args, silent, cb) {
if (typeof cb !== "function") cb = silent, silent = false
if (!silent) console.log(npm.dir)
- process.nextTic(cb.bind(this, null, npm.dir))
+ process.nextTick(cb.bind(this, null, npm.dir))

2 comments on commit 5accaaa

rdrey commented on 5accaaa Jul 18, 2012

I just ran into this issue.

sudo npm update -g npm didn't fix it. Are there any other ways of updating npm (other than the manual fix for this, which I've just done.)?

isaacs commented on 5accaaa Jul 19, 2012

It hasn't been published in a release yet. You can do npm i -g git:// to fetch master from github.

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