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doc: clarify license metadata guidelines

* explain license expressions with a link to spdx.js
* show how to upgrade old array-style license fields
* show how to correct bad multi-license metadata
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You should specify a license for your package so that people know how they are
permitted to use it, and any restrictions you're placing on it.
The simplest way, assuming you're using a common license such as BSD-3-Clause
or MIT, is to just specify the standard SPDX ID of the license you're using,
like this:
If you're using a common license such as BSD-2-Clause or MIT, add a
current SPDX license identifier for the license you're using, like this:
{ "license" : "BSD-3-Clause" }
You can check [the full list of SPDX license IDs](
Ideally you should pick one that is
[OSI]( approved.
It's also a good idea to include a LICENSE file at the top level in
your package.
If your package is licensed under multiple common licenses, use an [SPDX license
expression syntax version 2.0 string](, like this:
{ "license" : "(ISC OR GPL-3.0)" }
If you are using a license that hasn't been assigned an SPDX identifier, or if
you are using an uncommon or custom license, do not include a "license" string
in package.json. In those cases especially, but also more generally, it's a good
idea to include a LICENSE file at the top level of the package.
Some old packages used license objects or a "licenses" property containing an
array of license objects:
// Not valid metadata
{ "license" :
{ "type" : "ISC"
, "url" : ""
// Not valid metadata
{ "licenses" :
{ "type": "MIT"
, "url": ""
, { "type": "Apache-2.0"
, "url": ""
Those styles are now deprecated. Instead, use SPDX expressions, like this:
{ "license": "ISC" }
{ "license": "(MIT OR Apache-2.0)" }
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