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@@ -12,26 +12,24 @@ To install on older versions of node, do the following:
git clone git:// ./npm
cd npm
- git checkout 0.2
+ git checkout origin/0.2
make dev
## Simple Install
To install npm with one command, do this:
- curl | sudo sh
+ curl | sh
If that fails, try this:
git clone
cd npm
- git submodule update --init
sudo make install
If you're sitting in the code folder reading this document in your
terminal, then you've already got the code. Just do:
- git submodule update --init
sudo make install
and npm will install itself.
@@ -43,10 +41,14 @@ this code and node, you can do:
## Permissions
-**tl;dr** Use `sudo` when running the `install`,
-`rm`, and `test` commands. If you forget, that's fine, it'll fail and
-remind you. If you want it back the way it was, do `npm config set
-unsafe-perm true`
+* Use `sudo` for greater safety.
+* To enforce this added safety, do `npm config set unsafe-perm false`,
+ or add `--no-unsafe` to the command line.
+* npm will downgrade permissions if it's root before running any build
+ scripts that package authors specified.
+* If you were fine before, you can safely ignore this change.
### More details...

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