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commit a5479f87c6cd0e913f73359232de166be9750e96 1 parent 974df5a
Isaac Z. Schlueter authored March 06, 2013
4  node_modules/npm-registry-client/lib/publish.js
@@ -85,10 +85,10 @@ function publish (data, tarball, cb) {
85 85
86 86
       var rev = fullData._rev;
87 87,, tarball, tbName, rev, function (er) {
-        if (er) return handle(er)
+        if (er) return, er)
89 89
         this.log.verbose("publish", "attached", [, tarball, tbName])
90 90
         this.request("PUT", dataURI, data, function (er) {
-          if (er) return handle(er)
+          if (er) return, er)
92 92
           return cb(er)
93 93
94 94
10  node_modules/npm-registry-client/package.json
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
6 6
7 7
   "name": "npm-registry-client",
8 8
   "description": "Client for the npm registry",
-  "version": "0.2.17",
+  "version": "0.2.18",
10 10
   "repository": {
11 11
     "url": "git://"
12 12
@@ -35,10 +35,6 @@
35 35
   "license": "BSD",
36 36
   "readme": "# npm-registry-client\n\nThe code that npm uses to talk to the registry.\n\nIt handles all the caching and HTTP calls.\n\n## Usage\n\n```javascript\nvar RegClient = require('npm-registry-client')\nvar client = new RegClient(config)\n\nclient.get(\"npm\", \"latest\", 1000, function (er, data, raw, res) {\n  // error is an error if there was a problem.\n  // data is the parsed data object\n  // raw is the json string\n  // res is the response from couch\n})\n```\n\n# Configuration\n\nThis program is designed to work with\n[npmconf](, but you can also pass in\na plain-jane object with the appropriate configs, and it'll shim it\nfor you.  Any configuration thingie that has get/set/del methods will\nalso be accepted.\n\n* `registry` **Required** {String} URL to the registry\n* `cache` **Required** {String} Path to the cache folder\n* `always-auth` {Boolean} Auth even for GET requests.\n* `auth` {String} A base64-encoded `username:password`\n* `email` {String} User's email address\n* `tag` {String} The default tag to use when publishing new packages.\n  Default = `\"latest\"`\n* `ca` {String} Cerficate signing authority certificates to trust.\n* `strict-ssl` {Boolean} Whether or not to be strict with SSL\n  certificates.  Default = `true`\n* `user-agent` {String} User agent header to send.  Default =\n  `\"node/{process.version} {process.platform} {process.arch}\"`\n* `log` {Object} The logger to use.  Defaults to `require(\"npmlog\")` if\n  that works, otherwise logs are disabled.\n* `fetch-retries` {Number} Number of times to retry on GET failures.\n  Default=2\n* `fetch-retry-factor` {Number} `factor` setting for `node-retry`. Default=10\n* `fetch-retry-mintimeout` {Number} `minTimeout` setting for `node-retry`.\n  Default=10000 (10 seconds)\n* `fetch-retry-maxtimeout` {Number} `maxTimeout` setting for `node-retry`.\n  Default=60000 (60 seconds)\n* `proxy` {URL} The url to proxy requests through.\n* `https-proxy` {URL} The url to proxy https requests through.\n  Defaults to be the same as `proxy` if unset.\n* `_auth` {String} The base64-encoded authorization header.\n* `username` `_password` {String} Username/password to use to generate\n  `_auth` if not supplied.\n* `_token` {Object} A token for use with\n  [couch-login](\n\n# client.request(method, where, [what], [etag], [nofollow], cb)\n\n* `method` {String} HTTP method\n* `where` {String} Path to request on the server\n* `what` {Stream | Buffer | String | Object} The request body.  Objects\n  that are not Buffers or Streams are encoded as JSON.\n* `etag` {String} The cached ETag\n* `nofollow` {Boolean} Prevent following 302/301 responses\n* `cb` {Function}\n  * `error` {Error | null}\n  * `data` {Object} the parsed data object\n  * `raw` {String} the json\n  * `res` {Response Object} response from couch\n\nMake a request to the registry.  All the other methods are wrappers\naround this. one.\n\n# client.adduser(username, password, email, cb)\n\n* `username` {String}\n* `password` {String}\n* `email` {String}\n* `cb` {Function}\n\nAdd a user account to the registry, or verify the credentials.\n\n# client.get(url, [timeout], [nofollow], [staleOk], cb)\n\n* `url` {String} The url path to fetch\n* `timeout` {Number} Number of seconds old that a cached copy must be\n  before a new request will be made.\n* `nofollow` {Boolean} Do not follow 301/302 responses\n* `staleOk` {Boolean} If there's cached data available, then return that\n  to the callback quickly, and update the cache the background.\n\nFetches data from the registry via a GET request, saving it in\nthe cache folder with the ETag.\n\n# client.publish(data, tarball, [readme], cb)\n\n* `data` {Object} Package data\n* `tarball` {String | Stream} Filename or stream of the package tarball\n* `readme` {String} Contents of the README markdown file\n* `cb` {Function}\n\nPublish a package to the registry.\n\nNote that this does not create the tarball from a folder.  However, it\ncan accept a gzipped tar stream or a filename to a tarball.\n\n#, starred, cb)\n\n* `package` {String} Name of the package to star\n* `starred` {Boolean} True to star the package, false to unstar it.\n* `cb` {Function}\n\nStar or unstar a package.\n\nNote that the user does not have to be the package owner to star or\nunstar a package, though other writes do require that the user be the\npackage owner.\n\n# client.stars(username, cb)\n\n* `username` {String} Name of user to fetch starred packages for.\n* `cb` {Function}\n\nView your own or another user's starred packages.\n\n# client.tag(project, version, tag, cb)\n\n* `project` {String} Project name\n* `version` {String} Version to tag\n* `tag` {String} Tag name to apply\n* `cb` {Function}\n\nMark a version in the `dist-tags` hash, so that `pkg@tag`\nwill fetch the specified version.\n\n# client.unpublish(name, [ver], cb)\n\n* `name` {String} package name\n* `ver` {String} version to unpublish. Leave blank to unpublish all\n  versions.\n* `cb` {Function}\n\nRemove a version of a package (or all versions) from the registry.  When\nthe last version us unpublished, the entire document is removed from the\ndatabase.\n\n# client.upload(where, file, [etag], [nofollow], cb)\n\n* `where` {String} URL path to upload to\n* `file` {String | Stream} Either the filename or a readable stream\n* `etag` {String} Cache ETag\n* `nofollow` {Boolean} Do not follow 301/302 responses\n* `cb` {Function}\n\nUpload an attachment.  Mostly used by `client.publish()`.\n",
37 37
   "readmeFilename": "",
-  "_id": "npm-registry-client@0.2.17",
-  "dist": {
-    "shasum": "1df2bbecac6751f5d9600fb43722aef96d956773"
-  },
-  "_from": "npm-registry-client@0.2.17",
-  "_resolved": ""
+  "_id": "npm-registry-client@0.2.18",
+  "_from": "npm-registry-client@latest"
44 40
2  package.json
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
58 58
     "chownr": "0",
59 59
     "npmlog": "0",
60 60
     "ansi": "~0.1.2",
-    "npm-registry-client": "~0.2.13",
+    "npm-registry-client": "~0.2.18",
62 62
     "read-package-json": "~0.2.2",
63 63
     "read-installed": "0",
64 64
     "glob": "~3.1.21",

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