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Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
  2. @othiym23

    update AUTHORS

    othiym23 authored
  3. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    Add `discard` method to ditch unwanted tar entries.
  4. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    Support new version of `validate-npm-package-license`.
  5. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    Support `silent` to suppress all output from the init process.
  6. @KenanY @othiym23

    error-handler: improve EISDIR error message

    KenanY authored othiym23 committed
    Reports of `EISDIR` on the issue tracker are almost exclusively caused by users
    trying to install something that does not have a `package.json`. However, it is
    clearly difficult for many users to discern this simple problem from the error
    code alone. So let's expand upon it.
    PR-URL: #9396
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @saper @othiym23

    install: don't warn on preferGlobal for devDeps

    saper authored othiym23 committed
    Followup-To: #1648
    Fixes: #8517
    PR-URL: #9409
    PR-URL: #8841
  2. @zkat @othiym23

    install: warn on preferGlobal when there's no deps

    zkat authored othiym23 committed
    PR-URL: #9409
  3. @zkat @othiym23

    tests: check that preferGlobal is warning properly

    zkat authored othiym23 committed
    PR-URL: #9409
  4. @iarna @othiym23

    doc: update CHANGELOG for v3.3.1

    iarna authored othiym23 committed
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
  1. @mjhasbach @iarna

    docs: document additional unignorable files

    mjhasbach authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9386
  2. @iarna

    test: just run _some_ tests

    iarna authored
    PR-URL: #9360
  3. @othiym23 @iarna

    doc: de-anachronize README

    othiym23 authored iarna committed
    Followup-To: #9279
    PR-URL: #9315
  4. @iarna
  5. @iarna


    iarna authored
  6. @iarna


    iarna authored
  7. @iarna


    iarna authored
  8. @iarna
  9. @iarna
Commits on Aug 25, 2015
  1. @saper @iarna

    lifecycle: Add additional logging

    saper authored iarna committed
    To make debugging of lifecycle scripts easier
    PR-URL: #9227
Commits on Aug 21, 2015
  1. @iarna

    gitignore: Update dev deps ignores

    iarna authored
    tap->nyc->yargs added a bunch of new deps that we now need to ignore
  2. @iarna


    iarna authored
  3. @iarna


    iarna authored
  4. @iarna


    iarna authored
  5. @iarna


    iarna authored
  6. @iarna


    iarna authored
  7. @iarna


    iarna authored
  8. @iarna

    diff-trees: Make install order more consistent for directly dependencies

    iarna authored
    The install order is determined by:
    1) The location of the thing to be installed relative to the root module.
    2) Dependency order, such that a -> b -> c will install modules as: c, b, a
    1 is deterministic, regardless of what's being installed.
    But 2 can change the order of things higher in the dep tree.  Eg, b, or a
    might get sorted earlier if c requires them.  This mostly doesn't matter,
    but it does mean that if you have two modules with conflicting bins, they
    _can_ get installed in different orders.  This changes sorts all of the top
    level modules to be LAST, in location order (1), and then sorts all the rest
    per (2).  This ensures that top level modules have a deterministic install
    order. (Non top level modules can't have bin conflicts as that's treated
    the same as a version conflict and the conflicting module would be hoisted.)
    PR-URL: #9274
    Fixes: #8995
  9. @iarna

    logical-tree: Make sure user installed modules are attached to root o…

    iarna authored
    …f logical tree
    PR-URL: #9344
    Fixes: #9113
  10. @iarna

    update: Fix path used to run the install relative to

    iarna authored
    Previously I was using the path of the module to be updated.  But no, silly,
    we want the path that CONTAINS it.
    PR-URL: #9303
    Fixes: #9095
  11. @iarna
  12. @iarna

    test: Fix the progress-config test when run from travis or other CI

    iarna authored
    We have special code to disable the progress bar on travis (and other CI) to
    save ourselves and our users a lot of unhelpful output. Unfortunately as
    this test didn't take that into account, it immediately exploded in this
    So we fix that up, PLUS we add tests for the various env options for
    suppressing progress bars.
    PR-URL: #9304
  13. @othiym23 @iarna

    doc: update changelog for 2.14.1

    othiym23 authored iarna committed
  14. @joaocgreis @iarna

    windows: search for a user-installed npm

    joaocgreis authored iarna committed
    This changes npm.cmd and the npm script when running in Cygwin to look
    for an npm installation in prefix, running it if found. The default npm
    is used to get the prefix. This implements the changes described in
    joyent/node#8528 .
    Fixes joyent/node#8528. Reference: joyent/node#8554.
    Fixes: #6412
    PR-URL: #9089
  15. @saper @iarna

    lifecycle: add /d and /s to cmd.exe

    saper authored iarna committed
    /d disables cmd.exe AutoRuns feature, where registry entry points to the
    script that will be executed when cmd.exe starts. Surprisingly a lot of
    users hase "CD \" or similar command there which causes lifecycle
    scripts to fail, since relative path to the script no longer works (and
    package.json has no way to deduce absolute path)
    /s enables handling of quotes, so that you can have "C:\Program
    Files\Node\node.exe" quoted in your script. Node's child_process.exec()
    is doing the same. We prevent additional quoting by libuv already by
    setting uv_spawn() flag UV_PROCESS_WINDOWS_VERBATIM_ARGUMENTS.
    If those flags are not set there is no way package.json can reliably
    tell us to run "node" executable with a relative script path:
        "scripts": {
          "install": "node scripts/install.js"
    Without /d "node" invocation may end up in a random directory as a
    result of the AutoRuns command.
    Fixes: #8751
    Fixes: #7333
    PR-URL: #9245
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