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Commits on May 1, 2015
  1. @othiym23

    update AUTHORS

    othiym23 authored
  2. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
  3. @othiym23
  4. @othiym23

    update changelog for 2.9.1

    othiym23 authored
  5. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
  6. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    More useful error messages when failing to validate parameters passed
  7. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    Revert change to aging behavior.
  8. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    * feature testing over platform sniffing
    * standardize code style
  9. @othiym23
  10. @mantoni @othiym23

    run-script: completion only prints local scripts

    mantoni authored othiym23 committed
  11. @watilde @othiym23

    bin: examines path in different os

    watilde authored othiym23 committed
    add unit test
    use osenv
  12. @RichardLitt @othiym23

    doc: use backticks instead of quotes

    RichardLitt authored othiym23 committed
    Closes #8079 for shrinkwrap, should probably be done consistently across the rest of the docs.
  13. @linclark @othiym23

    doc: add package name restrictions

    linclark authored othiym23 committed
  14. @othiym23

    test: there are a few valid trees

    othiym23 authored
    Unfortunately small changes to the installer can result in different
    trees with git dependencies -- all are valid, but some are lossier than
    others. Handle all three valid alternatives in the test so it's not so
    sensitive to raciness, and also not coupled too tightly to the
  15. @laiso @othiym23

    git: cacheable deps can be 'git' *or* 'hosted'

    laiso authored othiym23 committed
  16. @anttti @othiym23

    doc: global npmrc goes in $PREFIX/etc/npmrc

    anttti authored othiym23 committed
    Added missing etc/ to the $PREFIX line at the top of the file.
  17. @mikemaccana @othiym23

    doc: mention how to run script directly

    mikemaccana authored othiym23 committed
  18. @robertkowalski @othiym23

    package.json: remove google group email

    robertkowalski authored othiym23 committed
  19. @othiym23

    config: fix broken getLocalAddresses

    othiym23 authored
    Also wrap the call to os.networkInterfaces() in try / catch to handle
    the EPERM thrown on some locked-down systems.
    Closes #8093, 8094.
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @iarna @othiym23

    git: cache git repos by full URL (with branch)

    iarna authored othiym23 committed
    Closes #7202 by caching separate branches individually.
Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @othiym23

    update AUTHORS

    othiym23 authored
  2. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
  3. @othiym23

    update changelog for 2.9.0

    othiym23 authored
  4. @othiym23

    unpublish: extract config into function

    othiym23 authored
    Also add a test.
  5. @watilde @othiym23
  6. @othiym23

    test: more robust array testing for outdated

    othiym23 authored
    Results aren't guaranteed to be in a particular order (although maybe
    they should be).
  7. @ArnaudRinquin @othiym23

    outdated: handle private locale modules

    ArnaudRinquin authored othiym23 committed
    Do not ignore them and read the version from their locale package.json
    If the module also exist on the registry, the greatest semver wins
  8. @kkragenbrink @othiym23

    config: version tag version prefix is configurable

    kkragenbrink authored othiym23 committed
    Includes a test and documentation.
  9. @smikes @othiym23

    doc: update npm-scope to note npm private modules

    smikes authored othiym23 committed
    Remove 'as of date' notice.
  10. @othiym23
Commits on Apr 23, 2015
  1. @smikes @othiym23

    install: include devDependencies when installing

    smikes authored othiym23 committed
    add unit test
    use fn to identify required version
  2. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    Handle multiple validation errors better (@MisumiRize). (Also improved
    testing tools (@michaelnisi).)
Commits on Apr 21, 2015
  1. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    1.0.0 is bigger than 0.1.0. (@substack)
  2. @othiym23


    othiym23 authored
    * When the registry returns a scoped package name in error messages,
      renormalize it back out of URLEncoded format. (@mmalecki)
    * Clean up the `npm:` example in the README. (@evilpacket)
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @othiym23

    update AUTHORS

    othiym23 authored
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