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Commits on Jul 3, 2015
  1. fix changelog links to npm@3 dist-tags

    Rebecca Turner authored
  2. 3.1.0

    Rebecca Turner authored
  3. update AUTHORS

    Rebecca Turner authored
  4. @iarna

    changelog for npm@3.1.0

    iarna authored
  5. @zkat @iarna


    zkat authored iarna committed
  6. @zkat @iarna

    ping: docs, bugfix, tests

    zkat authored iarna committed
    * The command line command was broken
    * wrote tests for the command itself
    * added documentation for both the API and CLI versions
    PR-URL: #8800
  7. @iarna


    iarna authored
Commits on Jul 2, 2015
  1. @zkat

    Fixing minor standard failure

    zkat authored
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @iarna
  2. @iarna
  3. @iarna
  4. @iarna
  5. @iarna
  6. @iarna
  7. @iarna
  8. @iarna


    iarna authored
    Makes errors in the tree non-fatal, instead storing them in an error
  9. @iarna

    install: check-permissions: disable access checks on win32

    iarna authored
    The way this was written was sometimes (always in large installs) resulting
    in errors.
    PR-URL: #8786
  10. @iarna
  11. @iarna

    link: fix `npm link package-name`

    iarna authored
    It was broken two ways– it expected npm to accept a string for the
    list of packages to install. And it expected a install to return
    a list of packages added, not a tree.
    PR-URL: #8782
    Fixes: #8766
  12. @iarna
  13. @iarna
  14. @iarna

    cache: Remove the engineStrict package.json var

    iarna authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #8723
  15. @iarna

    fetch-package-metadata: use unpipe

    iarna authored
    for 0.8 compatibility instead of trying to kill the streams by hand
    Fixes #8695
    PR-URL: #8718
  16. @iarna


    iarna authored
  17. @iarna

    Revert "install: Make shrinkwrap extraction work in 0.8"

    iarna authored
    This reverts commit bc46ca9.
  18. @euprogramador @iarna

    install: windows: temporary directory was being duplicated incorrectl…

    euprogramador authored iarna committed
    …y resulting in hang
    Fixes: #8685
    PR-URL: #8777
  19. @josh-egan @iarna

    docs: Emphasize the correct way to write the script

    josh-egan authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #8760
  20. @ajcrites @iarna

    publish: Label and clear progress bar on publish

    ajcrites authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #8686
  21. @isaacs @iarna

    npm: Globally monkey-patch graceful-fs

    isaacs authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #8735
  22. @isaacs @iarna


    isaacs authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #8735
  23. @ArtskydJ @iarna

    docs: Added nvm-windows link to npm-faq

    ArtskydJ authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #8754
  24. @ujane @iarna

    docs: update wording for directories.bin

    ujane authored iarna committed
    the wording here is a little confusing. after talking to @iarna on irc,
    I am submitting this docpatch which i think describes more accurately
    the use of both `directories.bin` and `bin`.
    PR-URL: #8708
  25. @jamestalmage @iarna

    version: allow scripts to add files to the commit

    jamestalmage authored iarna committed
    Closes #8620
    (cherry picked from commit a2106bf)
  26. @michaelnisi @iarna

    npm: Add ping command

    michaelnisi authored iarna committed
    Fixes #5750
    PR-URL: #5788
  27. @iarna


    iarna authored
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