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Commits on Mar 4, 2015
  1. Forrest L Norvell
Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. Forrest L Norvell
  2. Sam Mikes Forrest L Norvell

    publish, config: move tag-semver test

    smikes authored othiym23 committed
    add usage info to publish
    move tag-semver check to publish
    test publish instead of config
Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Forrest L Norvell

    Windows doesn't know what rm is.

    othiym23 authored othiym23 committed
  2. Daijiro Wachi Forrest L Norvell

    error-handler: update support url to https from http

    watilde authored othiym23 committed
  3. Andreas Forrest L Norvell

    Adds function call to gitEnv in checkGitDir

    functino authored othiym23 committed
    In checkGitDir when executing `git config --get remote.origin.url` the gitEnv function is passed to git.whichAndExec instead of the result of that function.
  4. Forrest L Norvell
Commits on Feb 27, 2015
  1. Daijiro Wachi Forrest L Norvell

    doc: fix typo in contributor link

    watilde authored othiym23 committed
  2. Forrest L Norvell


    othiym23 authored
    Provide more helpful error messages when JSON parse errors are
    encountered by using a more forgiving JSON parser than JSON.parse.
  3. Forrest L Norvell

    update AUTHORS

    othiym23 authored
  4. Forrest L Norvell


    othiym23 authored
  5. Forrest L Norvell
  6. Forrest L Norvell


    othiym23 authored
    Test for being run as root, as well as the current user.
  7. Forrest L Norvell


    othiym23 authored
    More informative error messages when calling sync versions of functions
    with a callback.
  8. Forrest L Norvell


    othiym23 authored
  9. Forrest L Norvell


    othiym23 authored
    Document the move from isaacs → npm orgs.
  10. Forrest L Norvell


    othiym23 authored
    Closes #6749.
    Support for passing scopes to `npm init` so packages are initialized as part
    of that scope / organization / team.
  11. Dav Glass Forrest L Norvell

    error-handler: added er.parent to ETARGET error

    davglass authored othiym23 committed
  12. Zeke Sikelianos Forrest L Norvell

    doc: soften warning against using install scripts

    zeke authored othiym23 committed
    Keep some of the “don’t use install for compilation” verbiage, but
    relegate it to bottom-of-the-page status.
  13. isaacs Forrest L Norvell

    rm: npm rm <noargs> globally removes (unlinks) '.'

    isaacs authored othiym23 committed
    Fixes #4005, #6248.
    What's interesting is that the comment in the code seems to indicate
    that this was *always* the intent.  But somewhere along the line, that
    seems to have broken.
    This makes 'npm link' be un-done by running 'npm unlink'.
  14. Forrest L Norvell
  15. Forrest L Norvell
  16. Forrest L Norvell
  17. Tim Whidden Forrest L Norvell

    cache: don't add 'git+' when it's already there

    twhid authored othiym23 committed
    Fixes #7294.
  18. Jussi Kalliokoski Forrest L Norvell
  19. Daijiro Wachi Forrest L Norvell

    ls: allow filtering by --dev / --prod[uction]

    watilde authored othiym23 committed
  20. Sam Mikes Forrest L Norvell

    test: rescue test from disabled; generate fixtures

    smikes authored othiym23 committed
  21. Sam Mikes Forrest L Norvell

    test: fix typo

    smikes authored othiym23 committed
  22. Jonas Weber Forrest L Norvell

    git: log full git command line on error

    thriqon authored othiym23 committed
  23. Forrest L Norvell
  24. Forrest L Norvell

    run-script: tweak wording of output, add tests

    othiym23 authored
    Also make tests conform to `standard` while I'm here, to make merging
    less painful later.
  25. Daijiro Wachi Forrest L Norvell

    run-scripts: group scripts in list output

    watilde authored othiym23 committed
  26. Bryant Williams Forrest L Norvell

    run-script: test run-script restart defaults

    scien authored othiym23 committed
  27. Daijiro Wachi Forrest L Norvell

    run-script: only run restart lifecyle when no script

    watilde authored othiym23 committed
    Fixes #1999, #2716.
  28. Forrest L Norvell
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