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Commits on Oct 9, 2015
  1. 3.3.7

    Rebecca Turner authored
  2. update AUTHORS

    Rebecca Turner authored
  3. mailmap: updates for new authors

    Rebecca Turner authored
  4. @iarna

    doc: CHANGELOG for 3.3.7

    iarna authored
Commits on Oct 8, 2015
  1. @zkat @iarna

    doc: Update CHANGELOG for 2.14.8

    zkat authored iarna committed
  2. @JaKXz @iarna

    travis: Add node 4.1 to TravisCI

    JaKXz authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9827
  3. @mantoni @iarna

    shrinkwrap: do not fail on optional dependencies

    mantoni authored iarna committed
    If an optional dependency was not installed, shrinkwrap fails with a
    message saying that a required dependency is missing. This patch checks
    whether a missing dependency was listed in the optionalDependencies.
    PR-URL: #9879
  4. @watilde @iarna

    install: Update --only option to install only the argument env regard…

    watilde authored iarna committed
    …less of the NODE_ENV.
    The following is the condition of setting the value of the development / production option.
    npm install
    + dev: true
    + prod: true
    + dev: true
    + prod: false
    --only=prod || NODE_ENV=production
    + dev: false
    + prod: true
    PR-URL: #9835
    Fixes: #9463
  5. @KenanY @iarna

    doc: correct `bindings.gyp` to `binding.gyp`

    KenanY authored iarna committed
    `node-gyp` looks for `binding.gyp`.
    PR-URL: #9820
  6. @zkat @iarna

    doc: fix minor typo in

    zkat authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9759
  7. @tmct @iarna

    deps: Treat lack of requirement name as failure to find it

    tmct authored iarna committed
    Fixes #9669
    PR-URL: #9715
  8. @reggi @iarna

    doc: Fix typos across a number of docs

    reggi authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9714
  9. @fscherwi @iarna

    travis: Add CI for Node.js 4

    fscherwi authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9677
  10. @dkoleary88 @iarna

    doc: Fixed spelling error in

    dkoleary88 authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9645
  11. @aaroncrows @iarna

    doc: Fix quotes guidelines in style guide

    aaroncrows authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9595
    Fixes: #9208
  12. @kentcdodds @iarna

    lifecycle: Swap out custom logic with add-to-path module

    kentcdodds authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9553
  13. @iarna

    child-path: Compute the path of a new child module in only one place

    iarna authored
    PR-URL: //
    Fixes: #9766
  14. @iarna

    package-id: Use getPackageId more consistently in diagnostics

    iarna authored
    PR-URL: //
    Fixes: #9766
  15. @iarna

    package-id: Add a test

    iarna authored
    PR-URL: //
    Fixes: #9766
  16. @iarna

    package-id: rename into utils, from install/get-package-id

    iarna authored
    PR-URL: //
    Fixes: #9766
  17. @iarna

    module-name: Factor out module name reading

    iarna authored
    Bring consistent guarding against null/undefined and consistent
    business logic.
    PR-URL: //
    Fixes: #9766
  18. @iarna

    actions,diff-trees: rebuild bundles via npm3 mechanisms

    iarna authored
    Previously this was being done implicitly via `build.linkStuff`– we're now
    avoiding that.
    PR-URL: #9891
    Fixes: #9643
    Fixes: #9664
  19. @iarna
Commits on Oct 7, 2015
  1. @iarna

    gitignore: update

    iarna authored
Commits on Oct 2, 2015
  1. @zkat @iarna

    doc: update changelog for 2.14.7

    zkat authored iarna committed
  2. @snopeks @iarna

    doc: added user guide for npm orgs

    snopeks authored iarna committed
    PR-URL: #9761
  3. @iarna

    doc: Fix commit sha links!!

    iarna authored
Commits on Oct 1, 2015
  1. 3.3.6

    Rebecca Turner authored
  2. @iarna

    doc: CHANGELOG for 3.3.6

    iarna authored
  3. @iarna

    install: Switch from clone to a tree-copier that's aware of our datas…

    iarna authored
    Lodash's deep-clone is being updated to not have the catostrophic scalaing issues
    it had when this patch was written, but even still, using something tailor-made
    will necessarily be faster.
    PR-URL: #9803
    Fixes: #8826
  4. @iarna

    logical-tree: Make it mutate to improve performance

    iarna authored
    The clone we were doing to save ourselves from mutation proved to be
    excessively slow. While lodash is being updated to not have the
    same scaling issues, it was determined that we weren't gaining
    anything from not mutating here, so there was no reason to pay
    even a lesser price.
    PR-URL: #9803
    Fixes: #8826
  5. @iarna


    iarna authored
  6. @iarna


    iarna authored
  7. @iarna


    iarna authored
  8. @iarna


    iarna authored
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