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Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. @pra85 @zkat

    doc: fix typo in

    pra85 committed with zkat
    Found a spelling mistake -
    `elminate` > `eliminate`
    PR-URL: #11410
    Credit: @pra85
  2. @Aourin @zkat

    doc: removes "--depth Infinity" warning

    Aourin committed with zkat
    PR-URL: #11403
    Credit: @Aourin
  3. @xcatliu @zkat

    doc: Update

    xcatliu committed with zkat
    Fixed versions of `npm-shrinkwrap.json`, which was not match to
    previous versions.
    PR-URL: #11391
    Credit: @xcatliu
Commits on Feb 4, 2016
  1. @jscissr @iarna

    docs: update included/excluded files

    jscissr committed with iarna
    This updates #9002
    PR-URL: #11348
    Credit: @jscissr
Commits on Jan 28, 2016
  1. @vedatmahir @iarna
  2. @jonathanp @iarna

    doc: Fix typographical issue in npm-update docs

    jonathanp committed with iarna
    Credit: @jonathanp
    Reviewed-By: @iarna
    PR-URL: #11272
  3. @kemitchell @iarna

    docs: do not call magic license values SPDX expressions

    kemitchell committed with iarna
    PR-URL: #11215
    Credit: @kemitchell
    Reviewed-By: @iarna
  4. @gagern @iarna

    add-remote-git: Add support for git submodules in git remotes

    gagern committed with iarna
    This is a fairly simple approach, which does not leverage the git caching
    mechansim to cache submodules.  It also doesn't provide a means to disable
    automatic initialization, e.g. via a setting in the .gitmodules file.
    This also adds documentation for the git+file protocol, since we have
    a test case ensuring that this works.  We have no test case for the
    git+rsync protocol, even though npm-package-arg seems to have support
    for that as well, so that wasn't added to the documentation.
    PR-URL: #11094
    Credit: @gagern
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    Fixes: #1876
  5. @s100 @iarna

    doc: Make "JSON" snippets valid JSON

    s100 committed with iarna
    Documentation for `package.json`
    [states]( that it "must be actual
    JSON, not just a JavaScript object literal".
    PR-URL: #11196
    Credit: @s100
    Reviewed-By: @iarna
Commits on Jan 21, 2016
  1. @beaugunderson @iarna

    doc: briefly explain what's included

    beaugunderson committed with iarna
    PR-URL: #11188
    Credit: @beaugunderson
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
  2. @halhenke @iarna
  3. @orangejulius @iarna

    docs: Add link to local paths section

    orangejulius committed with iarna
    Credit: @orangejulius
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #11128
  4. @halhenke @iarna

    outdated: report symlinked packages as 'linked'

    halhenke committed with iarna
    PR-URL: #11115
    Credit: @halhenke
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    Fixes: #8752
  5. @timkrins @iarna

    run-script: Warn if using script without install

    timkrins committed with iarna
    It might be helpful to remind people that they're trying to run
    a script before they actually run `npm install` on the package.
    PR-URL: #10043
    Credit: @timkrins
Commits on Jan 14, 2016
  1. @ekmartin @zkat

    doc: add information about 'version from-git'

    ekmartin committed with zkat
    PR-URL: #10717
    Credit: @ekmartin
Commits on Jan 7, 2016
  1. @iarna


    iarna committed
    Change the default on windows to be false, as international windows installs
    often install to non-unicode codepages and there's no way to detect this short of
    a system call or a call to a command line program.
    Credit: @iarna
  2. @scottaddie @iarna
  3. @jeffmcmahan @iarna
  4. @scottaddie @iarna
  5. @cvrebert @iarna

    doc: npm-dist-tag: s/"/`/g

    cvrebert committed with iarna
    For uniformity with the docs for the "publish" command, use code formatting for tag names in the docs for the "dist-tag" command.
    PR-URL: #10787
    Credit: @cvrebert
  6. @cvrebert @iarna

    doc: npm-dist-tag: Explain how `latest` is special

    cvrebert committed with iarna
    * Explain why one would care about the `latest` tag, by explaining its
      special significance to `npm install`.  Currently, only its default status
      with respect to `npm publish` is mentioned.
    * Also, avoid using npm as a meta-example, as this causes confusion between
      npm-the-tool and npm-the-project.  The old docs made it sound like the
      `next` tag might've has special significance to npm-the-tool, when it was
      instead talking about npm-the-project (AFAIK).
    * Mention common practice regarding tagging unstable releases, as this is
      not universally known.
      * Include the term "prerelease" for SEO's sake
    PR-URL: #10787
    Credit: @cvrebert
  7. @cvrebert @iarna
  8. @cvrebert @iarna
  9. @cvrebert @iarna

    doc: Clarify that default install ver is latest

    cvrebert committed with iarna
    That is, that `npm install foo` ≡
    `npm install foo@latest` by default
    PR-URL: #10790
    Credit: @cvrebert
Commits on Dec 11, 2015
  1. @othiym23


    othiym23 committed
    Add BNF grammar to documentation.
    Credit: @isaacs
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
  2. @ashleygwilliams @othiym23

    doc: remove FAQ

    ashleygwilliams committed with othiym23
    It is hostile, not helpful, and in some instances straight up incorrect.
    Fixes: #10546
    Credit: @ashleygwilliams
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10547
  3. @rsp @othiym23

    doc: update URLs to https used in defaults.js

    rsp committed with othiym23
    Changed the default registry URLs in the docs in:
    * doc/misc/
    * doc/cli/
    * doc/cli/
    to make it consistent with the actual value in lib/config/defaults.js.
    Also changed several GitHub and npm.js links to https (the HTTP links
    get redirected to HTTPS anyway but it's better to avoid insecure
    redirection) and Stack Overflow and OSI links (those don't get
    redirected so it's even more important for them to use secure URLs) in:
     * doc/cli/
     * doc/files/
     * doc/misc/
     * doc/misc/
     Credit: @rsp
     Reviewed-By: @othiym23
     PR-URL: #10570
  4. @othiym23

    doc: grammarificate lifecycle description

    othiym23 committed
    Credit: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10650
  5. @eymengunay @othiym23

    doc: correct number of install phases

    eymengunay committed with othiym23
    Credit: @eymengunay
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10650
  6. @othiym23

    doc: explain what `npm outdated`' tells you

    othiym23 committed
    Fixes: #10687
    Credit: @othiym23
    Reviewed-By: @ashleygwilliams
    PR-URL: #10695
  7. @verpixelt @othiym23

    doc: remove dead link to API docs

    verpixelt committed with othiym23
    Fixes: npm/docs#477
    Credit: @verpixelt
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10719
Commits on Nov 25, 2015
  1. @bengotow @othiym23

    doc: npm dedupe doesn't take any arguments

    bengotow committed with othiym23
    The example invocations of npm dedupe show arguments provided, but the
    copy says "Arguments are ignored. Dedupe always acts on the entire
    tree.", and that appears to be correct.
    Credit: @bengotow
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10244
  2. @louislarry @othiym23

    doc: correct order of org:team in `npm team`

    louislarry committed with othiym23
    Credit: @louislarry
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10250
  3. @WickyNilliams @othiym23

    doc: remove broken / duplicate link to tag

    WickyNilliams committed with othiym23
    There was a duplicate link to `npm-tag` which was erroneously pointing
    Credit: @WickyNilliams
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10371
  4. @KenanY @othiym23

    doc: remove refs to nonexistent `npm-rm(1)` manpage

    KenanY committed with othiym23
    The correct manpage is `npm-uninstall(1)`, **or**
    `doc/cli/` should be renamed to `doc/cli/`.
    Credit: @KenanY
    Reviewed-By: @othiym23
    PR-URL: #10419
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