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tag: v0.1.2
Commits on May 3, 2010
  1. isaacs
  2. isaacs
  3. isaacs

    bump to v0.1.2

    isaacs authored
  4. isaacs
  5. isaacs
  6. isaacs
  7. isaacs

    version log for 0.1.1

    isaacs authored
  8. isaacs
  9. isaacs

    Remove stray return statement

    isaacs authored
  10. isaacs
  11. isaacs
  12. isaacs

    notes for 0.1.0

    isaacs authored
  13. isaacs

    todo list update

    isaacs authored
  14. isaacs
  15. isaacs
  16. isaacs
  17. isaacs

    Be a bit less verbose

    isaacs authored
  18. isaacs

    Don't echo the "true" stuffs

    isaacs authored
  19. isaacs
  20. isaacs
  21. isaacs
  22. isaacs
  23. isaacs
  24. isaacs
  25. isaacs

    Don't put the _lifecycleEnv stuff directly on objects as regular prop…

    isaacs authored
    …erties, because it leads to strange errors.
  26. isaacs
  27. isaacs
  28. isaacs

    Bump version to 0.0.7

    isaacs authored
  29. isaacs
  30. isaacs
  31. isaacs

    Install all the man files as npm-<section> so that you can do man npm…

    isaacs authored
    …-foo instead of npm help foo
  32. isaacs

    Change the way that the version stuff is set in the local registry, a…

    isaacs authored
    …nd install the stable version of npm by default
  33. isaacs
  34. isaacs
  35. isaacs

    Cleaner error handling.

    isaacs authored
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