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Commits on Jul 01, 2015
@ajcrites ajcrites publish: Label and clear progress bar on publish
PR-URL: #8686
@josh-egan josh-egan docs: Emphasize the correct way to write the script
PR-URL: #8760
@euprogramador euprogramador install: windows: temporary directory was being duplicated incorrectl…
…y resulting in hang

Fixes: #8685

PR-URL: #8777
@iarna iarna Revert "install: Make shrinkwrap extraction work in 0.8"
This reverts commit bc46ca9.
@iarna iarna unpipe@1.0.0 c1312b8
@iarna iarna fetch-package-metadata: use unpipe
for 0.8 compatibility instead of trying to kill the streams by hand

Fixes #8695

PR-URL: #8718
@iarna iarna cache: Remove the engineStrict package.json var
PR-URL: #8723
@iarna iarna install: version: Fix package.json handling to always allow BOM at start
Fixes: #3358

PR-URL: #8724
@iarna iarna install: Run the "install" lifecycle in the toplevel module
Fixes: #8736

PR-URL: #8738
@iarna iarna link: fix `npm link package-name`
It was broken two ways– it expected npm to accept a string for the
list of packages to install. And it expected a install to return
a list of packages added, not a tree.

PR-URL: #8782

Fixes: #8766
@iarna iarna install: determine globalness based on install dir not config
PR-URL: #8782
@iarna iarna install: check-permissions: disable access checks on win32
The way this was written was sometimes (always in large installs) resulting
in errors.

PR-URL: #8786
@iarna iarna read-package-tree@5.0.0
Makes errors in the tree non-fatal, instead storing them in an error
@iarna iarna install: Display errors reading the tree after installation
PR-URL: #8778
@iarna iarna validate: Get rid of unused log argument 391e29d
@iarna iarna install: Report normalization errors of the top level package
PR-URL: #8779
@iarna iarna npm: Look up _id attributes consistently 0c6aa3e
@iarna iarna install: code cleanup – put parseJSON where it belongs e06023a
@iarna iarna install: Clean up after read-package-json's _id mess b6948fb
@iarna iarna install: Remove the largely untested move rollback code d6f7c98
Commits on Jul 02, 2015
@zkat zkat Fixing minor standard failure dcd498b
Commits on Jul 03, 2015
@iarna iarna glob@5.0.13 537f578
@zkat zkat ping: docs, bugfix, tests
* The command line command was broken
* wrote tests for the command itself
* added documentation for both the API and CLI versions

PR-URL: #8800
@zkat zkat Update 82a4c52
@iarna iarna changelog for npm@3.1.0 8c9c417
Rebecca Turner update AUTHORS 24c8795
Rebecca Turner 3.1.0 ea61915
Rebecca Turner fix changelog links to npm@3 dist-tags b375b77
Commits on Jul 07, 2015
@iarna iarna gauge@1.2.1
PR-URL: iarna/gauge#3

Fixes: #8812
Commits on Jul 08, 2015
@iarna iarna Update da7dbd0
Commits on Jul 09, 2015
@iarna iarna fstream-npm@1.0.4
Fixes: #8796
PR-URL: #8858
@tcort tcort lifecycle: safety check works with scoped packages
A safety check compares `path.basename(wd)` to ``.
In the case of scoped packages (e.g. `@foo/bar`), the two are
never equal. Change it to check if `wd` ends with ``.

Fixes: #8862

PR-URL: #8868
@iarna iarna cache: Make "*" match "latest" if all versions are prerelease
Fixes: #8855
PR-URL: #8857
@othiym23 othiym23 test: don't prompt for GnuPG passphrase 7a649a0
Commits on Jul 10, 2015
@iarna iarna nock@2.7.0 67f1205
@othiym23 othiym23 update changelog for 2.13.1 38a4df1
@iarna iarna test: standard compliance fixes to cherrypicked e835295 f182410
@iarna iarna fetch-package-metadata: Update "No compatible version found" message …
…to include pkg name

Fixes: #8863
PR-URL: #8870
@iarna iarna install: Reformat code for greater clarity
PR-URL: #8873
@iarna iarna install: Refactor filter as some where appropriate
PR-URL: #8873
@iarna iarna install: Track forward requirements with objects
PR-URL: #8873
@iarna iarna install: Track user requirement / existing as properties
PR-URL: #8873
@iarna iarna lifecycle: Don't enable the progress bar if it was previously disabled d96873c
@iarna iarna actions: Mark dep AND all it requires as failed on failure
PR-URL: #8873
Fixes: #8660
@iarna iarna uninstall: Fix uninstall lifecycle order
Fixes: #8806
PR-URL: #8859
@iarna iarna install: Add scaffolding for commit half of rollback/commit
PR-URL: #8859
@iarna iarna uninstall: Add remove commitment that makes certain the package is gone
PR-URL: #8859
@iarna iarna install: uninstall: Limit global tree manipulation to named pkgs
PR-URL: #8876
Fixes: #8608
@iarna iarna Update 0c4772d
Rebecca Turner update AUTHORS 4e828f6
Rebecca Turner 3.1.1 e13e828
Commits on Jul 13, 2015
@iarna iarna test: remove the now redundent combined github+bitbucket test
This dates back to before npm@2 integrated the new npa and added
new entirely separate tests for these.

PR-URL: #8922
@iarna iarna test: Include a message as to why we're failing these mocked installs
PR-URL: #8922
@iarna iarna standard: Fix formatting issues
PR-URL: #8922
@iarna iarna install: Fix complete brokenness
Argh. No more 4am releases. Most (but not ALL) `npm install` use cases
were instant crashers. I apparently THEN went on to run the test suite
against the wrong tree. =( =(

PR-URL: #8922
Fixes #8893
@iarna iarna update CHANGELOG for 3.1.2 57b9225
Rebecca Turner 3.1.2 87049e4
Commits on Jul 17, 2015
@watilde watilde docs: make default values on comment in cache.js correctly
PR-URL: #8924
@espadrine espadrine docs: project npmrc is not read in global mode
Fixes #8036

PR-URL: #8917
@zkat zkat glob@5.0.14
Better handling of ENOTSUP
@zkat zkat node-gyp@2.0.2 2496219
@zkat zkat normalize-git-url@3.0.1
* Accept and normalize scp-style git+https URLs for backward compat
* Fix small issue with scp-style URLs with slashes: works now

Fixes #8881

PR-URL: npm/normalize-git-url#3
PR-URL: npm/normalize-git-url#4
PR-URL: #8947
@zkat zkat tests: make add-remote-git-get-resolved tests call normalize-git-url
PR-URL: #8947
@zkat zkat install: verify that git+https:// URIs are normalized like they used …
…to be

PR-URL: #8947
@zkat zkat Update bf88785
@zkat zkat update AUTHORS 8f705ae
@iarna iarna gitignore: Update to include latest dev subdeps fa2c408
@iarna iarna gauge@1.2.2
This improves the progress bar display by doing our best to clean up if
someone changes the terminal size on us while we're updating things.
It's not perfect (it can't be perfect) but it's as good as we'll get
right now.

Improves: #8812
@iarna iarna link: Fix linking of scoped modules
PR-URL: #8975
Fixes: #8874
Commits on Jul 18, 2015
@iarna iarna read-package-tree@5.1.0
Pull in 5.1.0 to support filtering the results at READ time.

PR-URL: #8977
@iarna iarna install: Switch to filtering the tree at load time rather than adhoc …

It turns out this is necessary or else we get things wrong when determining
what's a symlink and what isn't.

PR-URL: #8977
@iarna iarna install: Factor "ignore callback errors" into a function for greater …

PR-URL: #8977
@iarna iarna install: Move computation of the _location field to a more appropriat…
…e place

PR-URL: #8977
Fixes: #8891
@iarna iarna uninstall: Remove extraneous warns when removing a symlink
Don't warn about not acting on a module in a symlink when the module's
parent is being removed anyway
@iarna iarna check-permissions: use inflight to eliminate duplicate checks of the …
…same resource

PR-URL: #8974
Fixes: #8701

This was breaking things on windows due to locking around the files being
created and removed.
@iarna iarna Update CHANGELOG for 3.1.3 9a1221a
Rebecca Turner 3.1.3 be37997
Commits on Jul 24, 2015
@steveklabnik steveklabnik marked-man@0.1.5
This includes a bugfix, kapouer/marked-man#4 ,

Fixes #8984

PR-URL: #8990
@zkat zkat rimraf@2.4.2 90cf980
@zkat zkat request@2.60.0 1baa4fc
@zkat zkat minimatch@2.0.10 c46be3b
@othiym23 othiym23 semver@5.0.1
Remove browser artifacts from distribution.
@othiym23 othiym23 read-installed@4.0.2
Allow `semver@5`.
@othiym23 othiym23 npm-registry-client@6.5.1
Allow `semver@5`.
@othiym23 othiym23 npm-package-arg@4.0.2
Allow `semver@5`.
@othiym23 othiym23 npm-install-checks@1.0.6
Allow `semver@5`.
@othiym23 othiym23 normalize-package-data@2.3.1
Allow `semver@5`.
@othiym23 othiym23 init-package-json@1.7.1
Allow `semver@5`.
@radarhere radarhere docs: fixed typo in changelog
PR-URL: #9013
@boennemann boennemann docs: document the use of "access" in "publishConfig"
PR-URL: #9022
@SimenB SimenB docs: list files that are auto-in/excluded
PR-URL: #9002
@zkat zkat build: use npm being released during release
There was some weirdness going on where, depending on your
local setup during release, you could get unexpected results
during build (specifically, the version on the tarball and zip
corresponded to your global npm's version)

I went ahead and also made it so the npm pack is also done
by the version getting released, to avoid any possible
issues with 2.x vs 3.x

PR-URL: #9012
@zkat zkat Update 744958e
@zkat zkat update AUTHORS 6bc30bf
@zkat zkat docs: blah changelog spacing 5fd779d
@iarna iarna async@1.4.0 9efa110
@iarna iarna bl@1.0.0 3d27081
@iarna iarna dep: flatten request c71d073
@iarna iarna ansi-styles@2.1.0 26a4653
@iarna iarna tunnel-agent@0.4.1 230943c
@iarna iarna supports-color@2.0.0 8733bff
@iarna iarna spdx-license-ids@1.0.2 15564a6
@iarna iarna qs@4.0.0 12ee041
@iarna iarna process-nextick-args@1.0.2 67c13e0
@iarna iarna os-homedir@1.0.1 e71410e
@iarna iarna mime-types@2.1.3 ae08244
@iarna iarna mime-db@1.15.0 2ed7da4
@iarna iarna lru-cache@2.6.5 e04993c
@iarna iarna lodash.repeat@3.0.1 4add042
@iarna iarna lodash.pad@3.1.1 c67dd6b
@iarna iarna lodash.keys@3.1.2 b6f8dbf
@iarna iarna lodash.isarray@3.0.4 09994d4
@iarna iarna lodash.isarguments@3.0.4 eebe47f
@iarna iarna lodash._getnative@3.9.1 1a49ec6
@iarna iarna lodash._createpadding@3.6.1 76030b3
@iarna iarna lodash._createcache@3.1.2 826fb35
@iarna iarna lodash._baseuniq@3.0.3 7785e3f
@iarna iarna lodash._basetostring@3.0.1 8a07d50
@iarna iarna lodash._baseflatten@3.1.4 a03bc76
@iarna iarna lodash._basedifference@3.0.3 dfe959a
@iarna iarna lodash._baseclone@3.3.0 acef0fe
@iarna iarna lodash._basecallback@3.3.1 783dc7b
@iarna iarna hawk@3.1.0 944fc34
@iarna iarna has-ansi@2.0.0 ee7c095
@iarna iarna har-validator@1.8.0 a04925b
@iarna iarna form-data@1.0.0-rc2 c6a8450
@iarna iarna extend@3.0.0 3588a0c
@iarna iarna bluebird@2.9.34 ea935d9
@iarna iarna chalk@1.1.0 80df59c
@iarna iarna caseless@0.11.0 36c6a0d
@iarna iarna node-gyp/glob/minimatch@2.0.10 f130bfc
@iarna iarna concat-stream/readable-stream@2.0.2 f4e22e5
@iarna iarna standard@4.3.3 6b3f6d9
@iarna iarna nock@2.9.1 6bf8ba1
@iarna iarna npm-install-checks@2.0.0 f0dd8bf
@iarna iarna install: Refactor module validation for ealier/better checks
This does a few things:

1. It fixes the calls to npm-install-checks– we were passing a
read-package-tree node, and it wants package.json data.

2. This moves checks to be at "install" time (resolveWithNewModule), so
they happen earlier.

3. Arguments passed in from the command line are checked even earlier.
This is where "don't install yourself" checks are done.

PR-URL: #9039
Fixes: #8637
Fixes: #8921
Commits on Jul 25, 2015
@iarna iarna install: Update fs.access to allow io.js versions w/ fixed windows ver
This also pushes them off to their own file, so we can stop doing
the copy-pasta dance. It also makes explaining the rational of the
check cleaner I think.

PR-URL: #9038
@iarna iarna config: Add option to turn off progress bars
PR-URL: #9037
Fixes: #8704
@iarna iarna Update CHANGELOG for 3.2.0 932b86e
Rebecca Turner 3.2.0 92bf56b
@iarna iarna changelog: Fix important changelog typo
Commits on Aug 01, 2015
Kyle M. Tarplee version: .git is not required to be a directory.
In a submodule it is actually a file with a line in it that tells
git where to find the actual .git directory.

PR-URL: #9033
@zkat zkat Update d24f792
@iarna iarna marked@0.3.4 acd8bb5
@iarna iarna save: Stop sorting anything other than the package.json fields being …

This provides an alternate fix to #9068

PR-URL: #9079
@bengl bengl test: Use correct path for devDependency in --production test
PR-URL: #8985
@iarna iarna update CHANGELOG for 3.2.1 3b8f3f7
@iarna iarna gitignore: Add y18n – a yargs dep which is a tap dep a92df46
Rebecca Turner update AUTHORS 44b9a11
Rebecca Turner 3.2.1 90ac6dc
Commits on Aug 03, 2015
@isaacs isaacs license: clarify ownership terms of npm logo 69165db
@isaacs isaacs license: use https url for deviantart d935155
Commits on Aug 07, 2015
@iarna iarna fetch-package-data: Lax the arg checking, error could be string
And errors mean no other objs. Which the 'E' type checks for
but other types (eg *) don't. So ditch the checking entirely. =p
@othiym23 othiym23 run-script: include `version` in lifecycle output
`preversion`, `version`, and `postversion` lifecycle scripts were
getting included in the generic run-script section instead of being
listed as lifecycle events when running `npm run-script` with no

Fixes: #9146

@derekpeterson derekpeterson doc: correct typo in `bundledDependencies` section
PR-URL: #9108
Greg Whiteley completion: don't break global COMP_WORDBREAKS
As described in #4530, #5820 modification of global variable
COMP_WORDBREAKS causes global breakage of completion:

dd if=/dev/ze<tab>
dd /dev/zero

Fixes: #4530

PR-URL: #8892
@murgatroid99 murgatroid99 install: don't run lifecycle for `install --link`
Fixes: #7198

PR-URL: #8501
@othiym23 othiym23 test: no scripts run on `npm install --link` 783feb2
@othiym23 othiym23 doc: update changelog for 2.13.5 9c5193c
@iarna iarna install: Stop warning about package.json fields on global installs
(And removes.)

PR-URL: #9167
Fixes: #8871
@iarna iarna fetch-package-metadata: Make "*" match latest if all versions are pre…

Like cache/add-named started doing in e835295

PR-URL: #9170
Fixes: #8951
@iarna iarna fetch-package-metadata: Match use of `--tag` instead of hard coding `…

This matches behavior w/ cache/add-named

PR-URL: #9170
@iarna iarna src: Document shrinkwrap exception
PR-URL: #9170
@iarna iarna deps: Allow "*" deps of prerelease versions
This is to be congruent with cache/add-named and fetch-package-metadata

PR-URL: #9170
Commits on Aug 08, 2015
@iarna iarna install: Prefer rawSpec over spec when saving
This is necessary because npa mangles spec in ways that are not
compatible npa itself. For reasons. Specifically, `git+ssh` urls have
their `git+` stripped from the front, which, for reasons, is then
fed BACK into npa, which then explodes.

Relatedly, we can't just use rawSpec because it's not available when someone
doesn't include a version at all, where as spec will be '*'.

PR-URL: #9174
Fixes: #9077
@iarna iarna install: Resolve peer deps relative to the parent of the requirer
PR-URL: #9169
Fixes: #9050
@iarna iarna ls: Improve display of missing peer dep errors
PR-URL: #9169
@iarna iarna Remove unused devdep: eslint
This is a dep of one of our dev deps (standard) and never used directly.
@iarna iarna lodash.clonedeep@3.0.2 1f71ec0
@iarna iarna marked@0.3.5 a091354
@iarna iarna npm-registry-mock@1.0.1 ad5f6fd
@iarna iarna path-is-inside@1.0.1 990ee4f
@othiym23 othiym23 nock@2.10.0 3569ec0
@iarna iarna Remove unused devdep: sprintf-js
This is used by argparse, but not used directly by npm itself.
@iarna iarna tap@1.3.2 fc51f28
@iarna iarna CHANGELOG for 3.2.2 dd90f61
Rebecca Turner update AUTHORS a78bb1b
Rebecca Turner 3.2.2 94386db
@iarna iarna changelog: Fix some missing closing parens 915ed50
Commits on Aug 12, 2015
@bengl bengl install: Add support for --only={prod[uction]|dev[elopment]}
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl docs: Add docs for new --only option
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl config: Add default for new --only option
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl install: Deprecate `--dev` for install
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl ls: Add support for --only={prod[uction]|dev[elopment]}
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl shrinkwrap: Add support for --also=dev[elopment]
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl outdated: Add support for --also=dev[elopment] and --only=prod[uction]
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl config: Add default for new --also option
PR-URL: #9024
@bengl bengl docs: Updates for --only and --also
PR-URL: #9024
Commits on Aug 14, 2015
@iarna iarna install: Ensure walking the tree doesn't result in infinite loops
Fixes: #9223
PR-URL: #9261
@iarna iarna install: Action level non-fatal errors are ONLY because of optional deps
PR-URL: #9198
@iarna iarna gently-rm: Make sure that the thing a symlink links to is inside the …
…thing we're removing

Fixes: #8996
PR-URL: #9198
@iarna iarna unbuild: Tell gently-rm about which modules we are removing bins for
PR-URL: #9198
@iarna iarna test: Ensure we only remove bins owned by the mod being removed
PR-URL: #9198
@iarna iarna columnify@1.5.2 e429a48
@iarna iarna chownr@1.0.1 b50105f
@zkat zkat init-package-json@1.8.0
Fixes #8716
PR-URL: #9269
@zkat zkat docs: fixed hash in changelog clue how this happened
@zkat zkat team: initial implementation of team command
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat whoami: make needauth err more generic
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat access: updated to support teams and orgs features
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat test: standardified test/tap/access.js
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat test: wrote full tests for npm access
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat test: full tests for npm team
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat docs: updated cli/ for new full access api
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat docs: added cli/ describing npm team usage
PR-URL: #9011
@zkat zkat npm-registry-client@7.0.1
PR-URL: #9011
@KenanY KenanY docs: remove single quotes around semver range
PR-URL: #9200
@zkat zkat Update 41f3831
@othiym23 othiym23 docs: tweak 4d8a651
@iarna iarna CHANGELOG for 3.3.0 9cd8101
Rebecca Turner 3.3.0 1fa9169
Commits on Aug 21, 2015
@othiym23 othiym23 test: don't pollute user's config
I really don't like it when all my tags start being prefixed with q.

Also reformatted test.
@othiym23 othiym23 lifecycle: keep private values out of child procs
npm@1.x didn't include configuration values prefixed with an underscore
in the environment passed to chiled processes. npm@2.x includes the
notion of scoped configuration, where a nerfed URL can be used to prefix
configuration, some of which might be underscore-prefixed without the
scope. Add that behavior to npm@2 and close this regression.

PR-URL: #9348
@othiym23 othiym23 fstream-npm@1.0.5
Don't bundle config cruft and project-specific config on publish.

PR-URL: npm/fstream-npm#12
@isaacs isaacs doc: stop building HTML partials
This reverts commit 8b58ad0.

As it turned out, those partial docs aren't actually used by the site, so there's no sense slowing down the build.

PR-URL: #9201
@saper saper lifecycle: add /d and /s to cmd.exe
/d disables cmd.exe AutoRuns feature, where registry entry points to the
script that will be executed when cmd.exe starts. Surprisingly a lot of
users hase "CD \" or similar command there which causes lifecycle
scripts to fail, since relative path to the script no longer works (and
package.json has no way to deduce absolute path)

/s enables handling of quotes, so that you can have "C:\Program
Files\Node\node.exe" quoted in your script. Node's child_process.exec()
is doing the same. We prevent additional quoting by libuv already by

If those flags are not set there is no way package.json can reliably
tell us to run "node" executable with a relative script path:

    "scripts": {
      "install": "node scripts/install.js"

Without /d "node" invocation may end up in a random directory as a
result of the AutoRuns command.

Fixes: #8751
Fixes: #7333

PR-URL: #9245
@joaocgreis joaocgreis windows: search for a user-installed npm
This changes npm.cmd and the npm script when running in Cygwin to look
for an npm installation in prefix, running it if found. The default npm
is used to get the prefix. This implements the changes described in
joyent/node#8528 .

Fixes joyent/node#8528. Reference: joyent/node#8554.

Fixes: #6412

PR-URL: #9089
@othiym23 othiym23 doc: update changelog for 2.14.1 1cd19c2
@iarna iarna test: Fix the progress-config test when run from travis or other CI
We have special code to disable the progress bar on travis (and other CI) to
save ourselves and our users a lot of unhelpful output. Unfortunately as
this test didn't take that into account, it immediately exploded in this

So we fix that up, PLUS we add tests for the various env options for
suppressing progress bars.

PR-URL: #9304
@iarna iarna ls: Elminate warnings about missing package.json at top level
PR-URL: #9343
Fixes: #9113
@iarna iarna update: Fix path used to run the install relative to
Previously I was using the path of the module to be updated.  But no, silly,
we want the path that CONTAINS it.

PR-URL: #9303
Fixes: #9095
@iarna iarna logical-tree: Make sure user installed modules are attached to root o…
…f logical tree

PR-URL: #9344
Fixes: #9113
@iarna iarna diff-trees: Make install order more consistent for directly dependencies
The install order is determined by:

1) The location of the thing to be installed relative to the root module.
2) Dependency order, such that a -> b -> c will install modules as: c, b, a

1 is deterministic, regardless of what's being installed.

But 2 can change the order of things higher in the dep tree.  Eg, b, or a
might get sorted earlier if c requires them.  This mostly doesn't matter,
but it does mean that if you have two modules with conflicting bins, they
_can_ get installed in different orders.  This changes sorts all of the top
level modules to be LAST, in location order (1), and then sorts all the rest
per (2).  This ensures that top level modules have a deterministic install
order. (Non top level modules can't have bin conflicts as that's treated
the same as a version conflict and the conflicting module would be hoisted.)

PR-URL: #9274
Fixes: #8995
@iarna iarna chalk@1.1.1 337f96a
@iarna iarna request@2.61.0 af5357b
@iarna iarna form-data@1.0.0-rc3 88170dd
@iarna iarna is-my-json-valid@2.12.1 785f2ad
@iarna iarna mime-db@1.17.0 df6e225
@iarna iarna mime-types@2.1.5 b273bcc
@iarna iarna gitignore: Update dev deps ignores
tap->nyc->yargs added a bunch of new deps that we now need to ignore
Commits on Aug 25, 2015
@saper saper lifecycle: Add additional logging
To make debugging of lifecycle scripts easier

PR-URL: #9227
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
@iarna iarna deps: Use package relative paths for specifier realization
PR-URL: #9367
Fixes: #9205
@iarna iarna fetch-package-metadata: Add direct support for local modules
PR-URL: #9369
Fixes: #9308
@iarna iarna read@1.0.7 e7b8315
@iarna iarna rimraf@2.4.3 1ed1364
@iarna iarna async@1.4.2 3dfd74d
@iarna iarna gitignore: Ignore new dev sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-dep 688cd34
@othiym23 othiym23 doc: de-anachronize README
Followup-To: #9279
PR-URL: #9315
@iarna iarna test: just run _some_ tests
PR-URL: #9360
@mjhasbach mjhasbach docs: document additional unignorable files
PR-URL: #9386
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
@iarna iarna doc: update CHANGELOG for v3.3.1 4aae4de
@zkat zkat tests: check that preferGlobal is warning properly
PR-URL: #9409
@zkat zkat install: warn on preferGlobal when there's no deps
PR-URL: #9409
@saper saper install: don't warn on preferGlobal for devDeps
Followup-To: #1648
Fixes: #8517
PR-URL: #9409
PR-URL: #8841
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
@KenanY KenanY error-handler: improve EISDIR error message
Reports of `EISDIR` on the issue tracker are almost exclusively caused by users
trying to install something that does not have a `package.json`. However, it is
clearly difficult for many users to discern this simple problem from the error
code alone. So let's expand upon it.

PR-URL: #9396
@othiym23 othiym23 init-package-json@1.9.1
Support `silent` to suppress all output from the init process.
@othiym23 othiym23 normalize-package-data@2.3.2
Support new version of `validate-npm-package-license`.
@othiym23 othiym23 tar@2.2.0
Add `discard` method to ditch unwanted tar entries.
@othiym23 othiym23 update AUTHORS 47ed021
@othiym23 othiym23 3.3.1 2724e30