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ry commented Aug 12, 2011

doesn't need to be fancy - just some indication that it's doing something


I was just about to request the same thing. On slower connections, or with huge dependencies, NPM appears to hang.


@beatgammit - npm config set loglevel info can help a little bit with that problem.

In general, +1, and I also want to link https://github.com/substack/node-charm in case anybody wants to get fancy. :)


For this to be optimal, I'd suggest to rewrite the installation stuff to use the on-disk cache with additional dependency and size data to determine all dependencies at startup time. Then npm could display the exact download progress in terms of size and packages.

Unfortunately, I think that I can't do that myself because that part of the npm source is too cryptic for me to understand.


+1!!! ☺

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The log facility should be replaced with a standalone thing to make this happen.


+1 to this, would be nice if we could have a progress bar, that for every top level module it fills one tile of it.



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npm's default verbose logging seems to achieve "some indication that it's doing something" for now. Can we close this?



You can close this, if you want to open new issue for progress bar :P


Yeah, it's still relevant, although I have no idea how to fix that. Maybe reserve the bottom line of the terminal for the progress bar?

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npm has a spinner now, but I want to actually add real progress indicators

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Nyan unicorn progress bar ftw! im(h)o
nyan unicorn

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WIP multi stage install #6191

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New npm progress indicator #6911

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This is going to be implemented in #6911. As such, I'm going to close this ticket so that future discussion can happen around the actual implementation.

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