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I'm opening this issue because:

  • npm is crashing.
  • npm is producing an incorrect install.
  • [x ] npm is doing something I don't understand.

What's going wrong?

npm -g ls produces errors:


How can the CLI team reproduce the problem?

I'm not sure. I've installed node via homebrew, than added n for version managment, I've used node/npm inside docker containers for a while but went back to sys installed one because of slow downs inside container. Problem is with node on host machine.

supporting information:

  • npm -v prints:
  • node -v prints:
  • npm config get registry prints:
  • Windows, OS X/macOS, or Linux?:

Try npm i -g npm@latest


@legodude17 errors don't display anymore, what is this magic? any ideas what happened?


It updated and reinstalled npm 😄


@legodude17 that is obvious, but the error, how did it disappear?


The error was with some corruption or something in the npm installation the was making npm think that some of its own packages were extraneous, so then you reinstalled it completely.

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