rebuild tries to build in the wrong directory #1872

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On my local machine my node-canvas module is at:


On my deployment machine it is at


After rsyncing my files to the deployment machine, and cding to the directory and running npm rebuild, it tries to build the files in /home/wavded/Projects/adn/node_modules/canvas/build, I would expect it to use /var/www/adn/node_modules/canvas/build

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That's because canvas's build script doesn't do a clean before the configure/install.

Instead of this:

  "scripts": { "preinstall": "node-waf configure build" },

It should do this:

  "scripts": { "preinstall": "node-waf clean || (exit 0); node-waf configure build" },

(Which, by the way, is the default npm action if there's a wscript and no install/preinstall script is defined, so you could just delete the scripts bit.)

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As a workaround, you could exclude the build/ folder from the rsync, or delete it before running rebuild.


Thanks for the quick response @isaacs, I put a case in with node-canvas as well ( Automattic/node-canvas#134 ) but will do your workaround for now.

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Reopening. I think maybe npm should handle this better.

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npm rebuild issue #134


yeah, just noticed pg module doesn't clean by default either, seems like it wouldn't be bad and probably desirable to have npm run a clean target first before build if it exists...

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