"npm install" filters "build/" subdirectory by default #2048

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I'm trying to package my node module with npm. My project has a sub-directory named "build/", and I've found that running "npm install" on my project will install all the files in the project to node_modules, except for the "build/" subdirectory. It therefore seems that "build/" is getting filtered by default. It's not clear from the documentation whether this is expected behavior, and whether it is possible to override it.


I have the same problem. Is there a way around it?


I can't see in the code where this is filtered. Any information about this @isaacs ?

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I have had this problem too. I think it's in one of npm's dependencies.

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Make sure none of the following ignore files include 'build' (or other things you don't want ignored):

  • project npm ignore file (./.npmignore)
  • user npm ignore file (npm config get userignorefile)
  • global npm ignore file (npm config get globalignorefile)
  • project git ignore file (./.gitignore or any subdirectory thereof)
  • global git ignore file (git config --global --get core.excludesfile)
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@jbeard4 did you solve this issue? My guess is that build is in your project's .gitignore file, failing that, can you please check the locations in @mfncooper's response above?

@iarna iarna added the bug label Oct 17, 2014

I am trying to construct a failing test for this issue in npm@2.1.14 and can't reproduce this behavior.

Here's what I have so far:

mkdir one two
cd one
mkdir build
touch a.js build/b.js
cat >package.json<<EOF
  "name": "one",
  "version": "1.0.0"
cd ../two
mkdir node_modules
npm i ../one
find node_modules/one/build

When I run this, I find that the contents of one/build have been installed under two/node_modules, and the file build/b.js does exist.

/cc @othiym23

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