Error installing via tarball or github repo url #2349

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npm ERR! Not a package /var/folders/jm/8crvw4mx1vz6ldjh9r935zg80000gn/T/npm-1333802779510/1333802779510-0.8239223416894674/tmp.tgz

npm ERR! Error: ENOENT, open '/var/folders/jm/8crvw4mx1vz6ldjh9r935zg80000gn/T/npm-1333802779510/1333802779510-0.8239223416894674/package/package.json'
npm ERR! You may report this log at:
npm ERR!     <>
npm ERR! or email it to:
npm ERR!     <>
npm ERR! 
npm ERR! System Darwin 11.3.0
npm ERR! command "node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "install"
npm ERR! cwd /Users/edward/Sites/site
npm ERR! node -v v0.6.14
npm ERR! npm -v 1.1.12
npm ERR! path /var/folders/jm/8crvw4mx1vz6ldjh9r935zg80000gn/T/npm-1333802779510/1333802779510-0.8239223416894674/package/package.json
npm ERR! code ENOENT
npm ERR! message ENOENT, open '/var/folders/jm/8crvw4mx1vz6ldjh9r935zg80000gn/T/npm-1333802779510/1333802779510-0.8239223416894674/package/package.json'
npm ERR! errno {}

But it is most definitely, a package.


I'm assuming you fixed this via ssh somehow? Can you explain?


He did, just specify an ssh+ github repo

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can't install it globally #6


When using a GitHub url, make sure you use the right format:



This is supported in a few ways:




@gsamokovarov gsamokovarov referenced this issue in popcorn-time/popcorn-app Mar 12, 2014

Fix package.json HEAD dependencies #527


user/repo is not working right now.


@Voles - Using the tarball URL format you specified worked like a charm. For others, you can navigate to your repo in a web browser and append /tarball/master to the URL.


@LeoDutra you say user/repo isn't working now (and I'm affected); Any open issue on that, I can track? Or any known workaround (except user/name => <repo>/tarball/master, because I can't change it in all dependencies..)


Sorry @chester1000, <repo>/tarball/master is the only I know. You can change master to some release.


@LeoDutra What if I deps that use this notation, should I browse all of them, and alter their original dep strings there?

Also, do you know issue or anything where I can track resolve progress?


I think there's no issue open. But is better check.
You can open one and I'd endorse it (I'm dealing with kids now).

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Error intalling #3

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