npm outdated broken? #2557

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In versions since 1.1.30, npm outdated outputs nothing yet npm update updates many modules for both global and local modes.


1.1.25 is the last version that npm outdated worked for me. Version 1.1.26 displayed cb() never called!. The error was fixed in 1.1.27, but now it doesn't output anything. Still not working in 1.1.35.


@isaacs npm outdated remains broken in 1.1.37.

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Patch welcome.


The issue is due to the commit e6a7e44. Reverting it makes outdated work again, however I don't know what this change fixed in the first place.


I can confirm that reverting the change jazzzz mentioned does indeed fix outdated. Perhaps the cb_ is calling process.exit() before the .write() is finished?


@Sembiance if I remember correctly, the write method from utils/output.js does not do anything when no callback is provided. Maybe this should be fixed.


I'll submit a pull request when Github lets me create one instead of barfing 404.

@isaacs isaacs added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 16, 2012
@donpark donpark fix broken outdated cmd #2557 03666c2

This bug was fixed in 1.1.42

@donpark donpark closed this Jul 19, 2012
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