use opener to open web pages #2687

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DRY it up a bit with the opener module.

@bogushevich bogushevich added a commit to bogushevich/npm that referenced this issue Aug 21, 2012
@bogushevich bogushevich Add web-opener (issues #2687) 7667143
@bogushevich bogushevich added a commit to bogushevich/npm that referenced this issue Aug 22, 2012
@bogushevich bogushevich Add web-opener (issues #2687) 5db6bd3


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@Zearin Please don't post +1 comments on issues.

If it's not closed, it's safe to say it hasn't been denied, so the added vote of interest isn't really necessary. (And if it is going to be closed wontfix, well, this isn't a democracy, so voting for it won't help.)

If you are interested in following the progress, you can use the little "follow" button in the lower left.

If you have new information that will help get the issue resolved, or new thoughts that haven't been raised yet which are relevant to getting us to a decision, then by all means post a comment.

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Landed in master, version 1.1.61

@isaacs isaacs closed this Sep 18, 2012

@isaacs Sorry for the +1. I’ll try to remember not to do it in your repositories!

I’ve seen +1 commenting received neutral-or-well in some other repositories, which is the only reason I started leaving this kind of comment.

For what it’s worth, I don’t like leaving +1 comments. I think we are of a similar mind—that these comments damage the signal-to-noise ratio in threads. In principle, I really hate the fact that there are places where being “loudest” (via frequent bumps to threads) can actually get devs to notice a particular issue faster.

But…it kind of works. (Much of the time, anyway.) implemented a “me too” feature on their bug pages, designed to eliminate this sort of comment-noise. I think I’ll put in a request to GitHub to implement a similar feature.


Is there a public place to put requests for GitHub improvement? I've always thought they had only a contact form.


I don’t know of any public place. I just use .

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