SyntaxError: Unexpected token < #2870

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npm http 408
npm ERR! registry error parsing json

npm ERR! SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
npm ERR! Request timeout

Request timeout

npm ERR! at Object.parse (native)
npm ERR! at Request._callback (/usr/lib/nodejs/npm/lib/utils/npm-registry-client/request.js:150:21)
npm ERR! at Request.callback (/usr/lib/nodejs/request/main.js:119:22)
npm ERR! at Request. (native)
npm ERR! at Request.emit (events.js:70:17)
npm ERR! at Request. (/usr/lib/nodejs/request/main.js:521:16)
npm ERR! at Request.emit (events.js:67:17)
npm ERR! at IncomingMessage. (/usr/lib/nodejs/request/main.js:483:14)
npm ERR! at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:88:20)
npm ERR! at HTTPParser.parserOnMessageComplete as onMessageComplete

npm member

We need to know the versions of Node and npm you're running, and see the full log, all the way from the command line you ran, through to the error. It would also be helpful to know if you have npm configured to use a proxy, whether this happens for any package, and whether it always happens, is sporadic, or is a one-off.

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