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process.title causing problem on OSX #3264

imrehg opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Similar to issue #1289, v0.8.18 was working fine, while this error message shows up when running npm with v0.10.0 (on OSX 10.8.3, over ssh):

_RegisterApplication(), FAILED TO establish the default connection to the WindowServer, _CGSDefaultConnection() is NULL.

The trouble is bin/npm-cli.js line 16, and commenting it out will get rid of the error message,

process.title = "npm"

The weird stuff is that that line is originating in 8adbe47, a year ago, so what else could have changed to bring the bug out again?


I think we should consider it a node bug, process.title is provided by node.


This is wontfix in node so maybe we should think of a hacky workaround.

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