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I installed git and cloned a project. Then I wanted to run npm install in the folder I checked out the project.

I'm working with Windows and I previously had a problem to clone the project because of proxy and firewall. I was able to clone the project only after disabling the firewall. So I disabled the firewall before running npm install too.

But I'm getting the error messages you can see in the attached file and I'm not able to install properly.



In addition I want to say that I had similar error when I tried to clone with git:

Fatal: unable to connect
Git clone git://….. [0:]: errno=No error

I was able to clone only with http: …

Can you help me please to install npm successfully?

Thank you very much
Best wishes


It looks like the package you are installing is specifying some of its dependencies using Git URLs. If those URLs don't work for you, they're not going to work for npm either.

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