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npm install python version check. #3467

jonaspeeck opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Original post:
joyent/node#5527 (comment)

tl;dr: Python version check in npm install would make the life of node.js beginners under Windows a lot easier although it seems to be rather an issue by gyp not by node.js.
Still a one liner that would make node.js even more fun to use :)

Thanks :)


I agree this would be pretty helpful. Not sure if it belongs in npm or in node-gyp though (probably the latter). @TooTallNate, any thoughts on that?


I mean I already do check the Python version before executing gyp:

@jonaspeeck Where/when would you expect this version check to happen?


@TooTallNate wow that code looks perfect. Very curious what @jonaspeeck's logs looked like where he didn't see that problem immediately...


Hey guys. I'm busy with an important homework assignment for college which is due in roughly 24 hours. So I'll try to reproduce the error and the logs in the next couple of days and will get back to you on that!


@jonaspeeck do you have an update?


Close? (doesn't seem like npm's responsibility in the first place)

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