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Good day!!! I'm trying to install on my beagleboard using GateOne...
I'm getting the error message below. Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

info it worked if ends with ok
verbose cli [ 'user/bin/node', '/usr/bin/npm', 'install', '' ]
info using npm@1.2.14
info using node@v0.8.22
verbose read json /var/lib/cloud9/package.json
verbose read json /var/lib/cloud9/package.json
verbose cache add [ '', null ]
verbose cache add name=undefined spec="" args=["",null]
verbose parsed url { pathname: '', path: '', href: '' }
silly lockFile 71475bfd-socket-io
verbose lock /home/root/.npm/71475bfd-socket-io.lock
silly lockFile 71475bfd-socket-io
silly lockFile 71475bfd-socket-io
verbose addNamed [ '', '' ]
verbose addNamed [ null, '' ]
silly lockfile c03de861-socket-io
verbose lock /home/root/.npm/c03de861-socket-io.lock
silly addNameRange { name: '', range: '', hasData: false }
verbose url raw
verbose url resolving [ '', './' ]
verbose url resolved
info trying registry request attempt 1 at 03:47:20
http GET
info retry will retry, error on last attempt: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
info trying registry request attempt 2 at 03:47:31
http GET
info retry will retry, error on last attempt: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
info trying registry request attempt 3 at 03:48:31
http GET
silly lockFile c03de861-socket-io
silly lockFile c03de861-socket-io
error Error: getaddrinfo ENTFOUND
error   at errnoException (dns.js:37:11)
error   at Object.onanswer [as oncomplete] (dns.js:124:16)
error If you need help, you may report this log at:
error   <>;
error or email it to:
error   <>
error System Linux 3.8.13
error command "/usr/bin/node" "/usr/bin/npm" "install" ""
error cwd /var/lib/cloud9
error node -v v0.8.22
error npm -v 1.2.14
error syscall getaddrinfo
error code ENOTFOUND
error errno ENFOUND
verbose exit [ 1, true ]

luk- commented Oct 31, 2013

This looks like a DNS issue.

azinyama commented Nov 1, 2013

Hi... Thanx for the response. I'm new to the beagleboard/bone thing :) How would I resolve this issue???

@othiym23 othiym23 added the support label Oct 10, 2014


smikes commented Feb 3, 2015

Is this still a problem for you?

If it's a DNS problem, you will need to make sure your beagleboard has an appropriate resolv.conf file -- see!topic/beagleboard/6VCaDabyowk

We are trying to clean up older npm issues, so if we don't hear back from you within a week, we will close this issue. (Don't worry -- you can always come back again and open a new issue!)



othiym23 commented Feb 12, 2015

Closing as resolved / abandoned.

@othiym23 othiym23 closed this Feb 12, 2015

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