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I get the following error when attempting to connect to the registry:

Internal routing error
Sorry, we cannot connect to the intended server.
We have just been notified of this problem. We will correct it as soon as possible.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

I'm in the same camp. 500 errors on all requests to


npm appears to be borderline unusable every time I try to work on something. I'm consistently getting errors which give me no explanation other than ECONNRESET or EPERM. Uptime seems to be very sketchy here.


Great to hear, luk!


I'm also experiencing the issue


I think getting a couple good mirrors up could be in order


i get periodic timeouts


Any ETA of when any server/mirror is up?


hm... why it happens at the day I want to try node.js the first time. A kind of unpleasant acquaintance... is it usual for this project?


Still down! Even our internal clone is busted..


@rpeterson if you know someone interested in donating hosting for a mirror, get in touch with Jason Smith at Nodejitsu. I'm sure he & the community would appreciate it.


@luk- I can look into it, if we have load stats too so we generally can judge server size/specs, I can probably get one up for you.


We'll be setting up NOPAR to reduce the load on the public npm and avoid this issue in the near future. i.e. You can run your own local mirror.


@rpeterson I'm not involved with the public npm registry server stuff so I don't have that info, but Jason Smith can probably let you know the details.


So this is a load issue?


Its down for me now as well. Getting a 500 response. Is this normal for Node?


While the npm registry was down 9 days ago, this is generally uncommon in my experience, but it happens with these types of registries from time to time. If you are relying on the public registry for deploys I recommend you consider running your own registry.


@richard-flosi That sounds like a good idea. Want to point me in a better direction for finding these dependencies? I'm about Googled out...


Maybe it's better to create a new reliable registry? There are no problems with rubygems.


That I agree with.


Bad day to try start with Node =//


@afucher Same. Definitely looking forward to the fix


I'm getting intermittent access. So, seems up, just slow; mixed with some 500s. You might be able to install a specific package via: npm install git-url, but might run into issues when it tries to install dependencies.


Looks like it was bad hardware and a new server is being set up. You can get updates on


Thanks! I'm excited to start! :)


@afucher and @Jazz405 ... Same boat...i feel like this type of luck always happens to me!


I count 4 new users in this thread, I'm a new node user as of last week... wonder how fast the userbase is growing.


@luk awesome


sweet...the .au mirror worked for me!


I just tried and failed, then tried again one minute later with success. still isn't responding tho


Can't deploy new version of my app to Heroku right now because of this. Any idea when this may be resolved?


Looks like we are back in business.


my experience is the same as @fresheneesz, npm worked but the site is still failing.


CLI NPM appears to be solid now.


Going to close this, but feel free to post updates if someone has issues/questions.

@luk- luk- closed this Nov 13, 2013

Issues seem to be creeping back up, getting many errors while trying to install sails

npm ERR! fetch failed

following the link to is giving me this JSON response:

{"error":"not_found","reason":"Document is missing attachment"}

I'm getting a lot more than just that one error, I can post more if it's helpful, but it seems like a server issue to me

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