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timoxley commented Jan 7, 2014

something should probably be done to deal with the nearly 500 open issues on npm/npm (more including the associated dependencies.

Here's a list of low hanging fruit that should be able to be closed easily/immediately IMO.


It is a good initiative @timoxley. Why not close issue that have more than 2 years? Or old issues without comments? I think that can help manage better all the issues.

rlidwka commented Jan 8, 2014

@timoxley , part of the issue is that npm registry issues and npm cli issues are mixed up in one issue tracker. I'd separate those more clearly.

Other than that, well who cares about a number of issues anyway.

timoxley commented Jan 8, 2014

@rlidwka The number of issues isn't a problem if they are all unique, high quality issues which are still relevant, but when there's 500 issues, there's a good chance there's many issues which are duplicates, resolved or simply no longer relevant. Idea is to increase the signal to noise ratio.

timoxley commented Jan 8, 2014

@matysanchez would love for it to be that easy but some old issues still have merit 2 years later



othiym23 commented Oct 3, 2014

This is supplanted by the new npm team triage process, which for now is a standing meeting attended by @iarna and me. Let me know if you'd like to be a part of it and we can work a schedule.

@othiym23 othiym23 closed this Oct 3, 2014
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