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npm pack fails to include build folder #4556

Swaagie opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Curious little bug that should be reproducible with test-repo.

Run npm pack from the folder and unpack the tar after, the build folder of the hashring module will not be included. For lower levels (in the path) this folder is included however. (make it a sibling of versions for instance).

Found by adding versions as secondary submodule, making hashring the third submodule. Having the helloworld as bundledDependency is a prerequisite.

packbug: {
  dependencies: {
     helloworld: { // awesome private module used by your project, thus bundled
       dependencies: {
         versions: { //, not a typo
           version: "0.2.2"
           dependencies: {
             hashring: "1.0.x" // should have build folder
  bundledDependencies: [ "helloworld" ] 
@iarna iarna added the support label

Is this still a problem for you?

I can reproduce this behavior still, using the linked repository and npm@latest (2.1.10). I do not see anything in hashring's package.json that should cause build to be excluded. This looks like a bug to me -- @othiym23 , @iarna , comments?

$ find . -type f -print | xargs grep build

How is this a bug?

Closing as resolved.

@othiym23 othiym23 closed this
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