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Error: No README data found! #4620

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README not pulling from GitHub.
The README file for my module github-top-contrib is not displaying on It definitely exists and displays fine in GitHub. In previous version of the module, it used to display. In the last two versions, I see the error above. Is this something wrong with the file? Or a bug in npm?

Also reported by aspax, so it's not a singular instance.


I'm the author of aspax and I can indeed confirm the aforementioned behaviour. I've noticed the same happening with aspax and basically all packages I'm publishing on npm. It doesn't always happen (the is sometimes published), so I couldn't find a pattern so far.

Right now I'm publishing from NodeJS v0.10.25 / nvm / OS X Mavericks, but I've noticed the same behaviour when publishing from Ubuntu Linux.

I've also tried npm cache clean before publishing...

Meanwhile, is there a way to override the default behaviour so we can force display the correct readme data?


According to @OverZealous, it might be related to this issue.


FWIW, I am also publishing from NodeJS v0.10.25 / npm 1.3.26 / OS X Mavericks. I have recently done npm cache clean too.


Until this gets fixed, see if the workaround mentioned by @OverZealous here works for you.

Basically in your global npm module you'll have to edit node_modules/read-package-json/read-json.js to add sync: true to globOptions in function readme(...).


@icflorescu Thanks! That helped.

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