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Source Path Too Long #4820

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I've come across a scenario on Windows 7 that when trying to remove the node_modules folder through windows explorer or command\bash (rd or rmdir or rm) I get the error "Source Path Too Long, The source file names(s) are larger than is supported by the file system...blah blah blah"

The only way to remove it is by renaming a handful of node_modules folders in the chain to one letter and eventually I can remove it.

I found this issue using docpad-plugin-partials project.

To recreate:
First I run npm i then I run cake test-setup which is a task that invokes npm install node_modules/docpad (this is where problem is created)

This sucks especially as ntfs supports paths up to 32,000 characters in length.

What would be great is if we could have extra switch like npm clean or similar? this switch could use something like rimraf to clear out the node_modules folder.

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I just use rimraf.

$ npm install -g rimraf
$ rimraf node_modules


I've tried it, but that doesn't work for me. Returns an ENOTEMPTY error. However, on windows

rmdir /S /Q <dirname>

did work.

@pflannery pflannery closed this

rimraf worked for me on Windows 8.1. rmdir did not.

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