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torvalamo commented Jan 29, 2011

Excerpts from an IRC convo

<Anti-X> thought of adding a negative filter to npm list?
<Anti-X> like "npm list NOT active"
<isaacs> sweet
<isaacs> not a terrible idea.
<isaacs> i usually just pipe thorugh grep -v
<Anti-X> would be more useful if you could do both positive and negative at once though
<Anti-X> npm list stable not active
<isaacs> npm ls stable --not active
<isaacs> the problem there is that you wouldn't be able to specify more than one
<isaacs> but you could do --not "active remote" or something

isaacs commented Feb 26, 2011

Closed by 7431b8a Add --listexclude config


isaacs commented Feb 26, 2011

Decided to call it --listexclude for explicitness, since it's not often that you'd use it. Since shorthands are supported, --listex will work as well.

This issue was closed.

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