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bmeck commented Jun 21, 2014

related: joyent/node#6960

On Windows, various tools do not like long file paths during the node-gyp/build phase of installation. These should be a way to build downloaded (not packaged) modules to a separate directory such as TMPDIR which has a smaller prefix than a nested module location.

I think an option like --separate-build-dir could be a boolean to build in something like NPM_BUILD_DIR || TMPDIR.


I'm getting Team City errors with the long paths. Local build errors with long paths. Was perfectly fine until I ended up with nested node_module from hell with grunt.


bmeck commented Jun 23, 2014

In the case of rebuilding, I am unsure if this should move the currently building directory, make a copy, or only just fail out. I am more in favor of failing out in this case, stating that the config does not make sense.

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iarna commented Mar 27, 2015

Building in temp dirs turns out to be super problematic due to the way node resolves deps and the even minimal automated deduping in npm@2, let alone the radical deduping in npm@3.

But! The underlying problem, that node_modules folders often stretched way beyond what standard Windows tools support, should be fixed in npm/npm#multi-stage. As such, I'm gonna close this ticket. If this continues to be an issue, we'll look for additional approaches post npm@3.

iarna closed this Mar 27, 2015

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