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report test success/fail to a db #715

isaacs opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Two configs:

  • npats A base url to report tests to.
  • report-npats Boolean, default false. If not set explicitly, and test-on-install is set, and stdin and stdout are both ttys, then prompts the user at the start of the "install" command.

Also: if it's set up to report-npats, then report a package lacking a test script as well. I want to be able to highlight which packages are covered and which aren't.


[fyi: this is mostly me talking out the issue I've run into to see if you've seen something similar]

Started on this:

My package runs fine all alone, and successfully saves results to the iriscouch.

However it does not work when my package is run via npm.
Relevant lines in lifecycle.js

I run this code to test whether my package integrates well with npm:

 npm config set npat true
 npm install gss
 npm config set npat false

When I do this, my package prints that it is trying to make a request to my couchDB, but then the callback never fires.

How you can help

  • is there something strange that npm is doing that is messing up my modules http request? [I doubt this, but want to be sure]
  • could request be doing something weird? Have you seen this before?

If request is doing something weird, and the weirdness only manifests when run via npm, then I should probably run the node debugger on npm.

You are very busy

so don't worry much about looking deeply into this. I still have one avenue to pursue: running a debugger on npm and seeing why request acts weird. However if after a quick scan of this issue you can figure out what's going on, that would be much appreciated!

Thank you!


Isn't this a duplicate of #2504 ?


This issue is very old, is it still relevant?



Pour one out for unimplemented unworkable but still appealing ideas.

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