ls isn't symlink savvy #971

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npm install connect -g

# now express will use the global connect,
# instead of installing its own.
npm install express -g

cd ~/projects/my-thing
npm link express
npm ls

# reports connect as missing, because it doesn't
# know about the global version, which is what
# connect will actually get.


Upon encountering a symbolic link, the read-installed function should traverse that directory for dependencies, rather than using the ones in the parent folder.



this would be consistent with require

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These days, this:

$ npm install connect -g
$ npm install express -g

results in the express install ignoring the global connect installation and installing its own local copy.

However, on the subject of this ticket, removing the local connect and npm linking it results in npm ls showing the correct tree, with link targets included.


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Yeah. It's fine how it is, I guess.

@isaacs isaacs closed this Feb 3, 2013
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