Process node_modules during `npm init` #2210

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Here is a patch which enables processing of node_modules during init. This does the job but as I have noted with some TODO comments, I think there are some additional checks and features we could offer the user.

Since I'm not very familiar with the npm codebase, I would like to get some comments regarding the current patch before I spend any more time on this.


wankdanker added some commits Feb 28, 2012
@wankdanker wankdanker init: process node_modules to add dependencies during `npm init` 34a891f
@wankdanker wankdanker init: add option 'dev' to include package in devDependencies
init: set default answer depending on which type of dependency it is
init: rework code to fit within 80 cols
aseemk commented May 11, 2012

Cool, and useful. =)

isaacs commented Jun 18, 2012

Did this a different way. Check out how npm init has changed in the most recent version!

@isaacs isaacs closed this Jun 18, 2012
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