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Point out npm's usage of .gitignore on the npm-json(1) page #2363

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This calls out a potentially confusing behavior. See #1862.


Looks good to me.


We already have this information in both npm help config and npm help developers. Personally I'd prefer to avoid repeating everything everywhere.


This is pretty well documented in npm help developers.

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Commits on Apr 12, 2012
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@@ -140,7 +140,8 @@ inside that folder. (Unless they would be ignored by another rule.)
You can also provide a ".npmignore" file in the root of your package,
which will keep files from being included, even if they would be picked
up by the files array. The ".npmignore" file works just like a
+".gitignore", and npm will use ".gitignore" if no ".npmignore" file exists. See
+`npm-developers(1)` for more information.
## main
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