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DTrejo commented Jun 8, 2012

This is mostly to start a discussion.

Current problems:

  1. is probably a bit verbose, it prints a success message with info on where your test data was stored
  2. stdout and stderr data are not passed on to the exec callback! I need to figure out why this is. relevant lines:
  3. I need to double-check that it is all compliant with npm styleguide
  4. I need to rebase and fix all the commit messages so they are prettier and more descriptive.
  5. ?

Let me know your thoughts, especially with # 3! Maybe there's something obvious that I'm not doing.


PS It was good that I waited 6 months to submit this — the bug that was stopping me has mysteriously disappeared :)


ralt commented Mar 9, 2013

9 months without any news. Is there still some work involved, planned or not? Is it awaiting review?


DTrejo commented Mar 10, 2013

The direction is good, but it would take a decent amount of work to finish
the details and build/maintain the site and database to hold this info.

If you'd like to take this on, it's all yours. The goal was to build
something similar to perls's CPAN testing service.


Feel free to email

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On Mar 9, 2013 7:03 AM, "Florian Margaine" wrote:

9 months without any new. Is there still some work involved, planned or
not? Is it awaiting review?

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luk- commented Dec 3, 2013

@DTrejo I'm going to close this out for housekeeping because it looks abandoned, but if you want to pick it back up let someone know.

@luk- luk- closed this Dec 3, 2013


DTrejo commented Dec 3, 2013

Closing is fine.

To explain the background on this:

  • goal: do things like Perl's cpants does it: users run tests on their
    machines and report results back to a central place
  • central place displays which packages are better b/c they have tests or
    support more platforms or the tests are actually passing.

The reason this never got merged:

  • never set up the central place to hold test results
  • never built any ui to show test results on npm website

This was all Isaac's idea, so if anyone in the future picks it IP, you have
his blessing.

Please excuse any brevity
On Dec 2, 2013 5:30 PM, "Luke Arduini" wrote:

Closed #2504 isaacs#2504.

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