Npat test reporting works! #2504

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This is mostly to start a discussion.

Current problems:

  1. is probably a bit verbose, it prints a success message with info on where your test data was stored
  2. stdout and stderr data are not passed on to the exec callback! I need to figure out why this is. relevant lines:
  3. I need to double-check that it is all compliant with npm styleguide
  4. I need to rebase and fix all the commit messages so they are prettier and more descriptive.
  5. ?

Let me know your thoughts, especially with # 3! Maybe there's something obvious that I'm not doing.


PS It was good that I waited 6 months to submit this — the bug that was stopping me has mysteriously disappeared :)


9 months without any news. Is there still some work involved, planned or not? Is it awaiting review?


@DTrejo I'm going to close this out for housekeeping because it looks abandoned, but if you want to pick it back up let someone know.

@luk- luk- closed this Dec 3, 2013
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