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[docs] Adds node version managers for windows #2789

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Make the windows folks out there a bit happier by linking to a node version manager solely for windows users :)

Disclaimer: I am the author. (see marcelklehr/nodist )


hey, what about this? :)


Sounds like a good idea, but the page should probably differentiate unix/windows tools if this is getting added.




Can you merge in the more recent changes from and squash it into a single commit?


done :)


Landed on b41fc46, sorry for the delay :)

@isaacs isaacs closed this
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## How do I install node with npm?
-You don't. Try one of these:
+You don't. Try one of these node version managers:
-* <>
-* <>
-* <>
+* <>
+* <>
+* <>
+* <>
+* <>
## How can I use npm for development?
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