Install shrink-wrapped package dependencies recursively (reference #2931) #2950

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scf2k commented Nov 15, 2012

No description provided.

arikon commented Nov 15, 2012

@isaacs Have a look at this PR please


Take out of the var statement, it's already defined as a function parameter.


Since this is so much shorter, replace the if/else with an early return. Ie, instead of:

if (cond) {
  // big long bunch of stuff
} else oneLiner();

do this:

if (!cond) return oneLiner();
// big long bunch of stuff

Actually, it'd probably be best to just move this entire block out into its own function. There's a LOT of indentation here, it's kind of crazy.

isaacs commented Jan 15, 2013

Mostly looks pretty good. A few relatively minor nits (commented inline).

scf2k commented Jan 21, 2013

Adjusted the code according to the comments.

scf2k commented Feb 8, 2013



Any word on this? This seems like more intuitive behavior. Whatever versions are specified in the npm-shrinkwrap.json should get installed, even if they're deeper in the dependency tree.

Raynos commented May 12, 2014

👍 would love to get this in.

Willing to take over this branch and rebase it & write a test for it.

@Raynos Raynos referenced this pull request in uber/npm-shrinkwrap May 12, 2014

npm install does not verify shrinkwrap correctness #16

domenic commented May 14, 2014

@Raynos since the basic idea seems @isaacs-approved, I think that's enough to say "yes, please take this over and write a test for it," and then I or someone else can merge it.

demisx commented Aug 21, 2014

Any chance this is gonna make it in some time soon?

@othiym23 othiym23 added this to the multi-stage install milestone Sep 21, 2014


iarna commented Dec 12, 2014

This isn't going to land as is, as the install code has been completely rewritten for the multi-stage installer and npm@3. But that said, we ARE integrating the feature this implements into the new version.

iarna commented Dec 15, 2014

Closing this as this is addressed more generally by #6928

@iarna iarna closed this Dec 15, 2014
@iarna iarna removed the review label Dec 15, 2014
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