Add npm-exec(1) as command for executing dependency executables #3375

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There is always the chance that this functionality already exists in npm, if so, just close this and point me to it, thanks. This is intended to reproduce the basic functionality of bundle exec in npm.

There is a very good chance this is incomplete or incorrect in some way or another, but it works for the specific use case that it was written for: npm exec mocha -- --colors test/file.test.js.

There is also the question of how this should be handled from an API perspective. Should npm.exec use the directory of the package that it is referenced from or the package that it is referenced in? i.e.: I use npm.exec to execute an executable in my node_modules directory and the executable that is being executed wants to use npm.exec to execute an executable in it's own node_modules folder.

Hopefully, this commit will get the ball rolling on this discussion.

references #1543

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First, awesome that someone's taking this on.

A few issues.
Using synchronous functions - not in line with the npm style guide.
We don't just use ./node_modules/.bin - we traverse all the way up, just like require does.

You should probably see #2460.

Sam Shull Be more npm-ish
- Use the path specified by npm.bin as the executable directory
- Don't use sync function
- Remove unecessary changes to child process environment and cwd

This should address most of the concerns raised by @isaacs in #2460, except:

For example, if you depend on grunt, and it's provided by a parent package's dependencies, then you won't be able to access the grunt binaries.
which is an issue that I referred to earlier in the pull request that I think should be discussed further.

It does change the behavior from #2460 slightly by only running if the referenced executable is in the package's own bin directory.

I also chose not to implement the completion for now.

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This brings it exactly as far as #2460, which we aren't merging for the same reason.
Your code looks clean, so I might try sorting this based on your code.

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The issue to target for this is #3313.

I'd like to make sure that npm exec scripts run exactly the same as lifecycle scripts (prepublish and test and such). Then, this would be the backing for npm run-script.

@isaacs isaacs closed this Apr 29, 2013
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