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@izs this is more of a gesture than an actual pull-request: put this where-ever you see fit. There were a few folks on other parts of the Internet that were asking for more visibility and since the roadmap we discussed over the summer for this post:

was approved by you I saw no problem duplicating the copy in the repository to make it more accessible.

cc/ @maxogden @rvagg @domenic @luk @jden


Thanks! Considering that there are currently 41 pending pull requests (including this one), it can be intimidating for new contributors to approach the project and wonder if their contributions are relevant or worthwhile, or whether their ideas are worthwhile developing into full blown PRs. A well groomed backlog of issues and/or a file like this make it easier for new contributors to join existing projects. Given the value of npm to the node community as a whole (as demonstrated by the crowdfunding campaign to support npm), it is important to make sure that this project is accessible to the community at large and that any community members with the time and talent to contribute feel welcome to do so. +1 to including the roadmap alongside this repo.


We should target 0 PRs if possible...


It's not just the PR's, a few months ago I had the intention of getting more intimate with npm. First thing that failed was the make doc-generation command. Just double checked and it is working now, so that's nice! :)

Now running tests, failed on 115 To test publishing: npm config set npm:publishtest true. If that's a prerequisite it should be done by a makefile or some test-script

My point is (perhaps a no brainer), basics should just work, minimize hurdles etc.

@springmeyer springmeyer referenced this pull request in mapbox/node-pre-gyp

package.json --build-from-source for all dependencies #58


I'd rather keep talking about stuff in these issues, and on rather than putting Yet Another top-level file in the repo which will tend to rot.

Thanks for the gesture.

@isaacs isaacs closed this
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+* Multiple registries: Install node modules from more than one registry location.
+* CDN-delivered static assets: Although we’ve been keeping up with the growth in traffic to the public npm registry, it still only runs in a single datacenter. That means if you’re using npm from places like Europe, Singapore or Australia you have to deal with increased latency. By backing tarballs published to npm as CouchDB attachments with a CDN we will ensure fast installs worldwide.
+* Source code searching and analytics: One of the most difficult things for the node core team is making decisions about what APIs are used most often. The state-of-the-art right now is surveying the node community which yields skewed results at best. By enabling the search and analysis of source code for node modules on both the node core team and module developers can be informed about API usage.
+* Addressable content: In addition to node.js modules published to npm, there has been a huge growth in browserify usage and client-side packages published to npm. The problem with this is that using these modules requires downloading and unpacking the entire module just for a single file. Addressable contents will enable module developers to expose individual files via npm.
+* Signed packages: The current methods of verifying that a given author (or set of authors) have actually published a given module do not provide a high enough level of visibility. Signed packages aims to improve this by allowing authors to validate their npm packages with a unique signature.
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