cache: add-local: do full "npm install" w/ prepublish prior to packing #8725

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iarna commented Jun 27, 2015

Fixes: #7040 #3055

@iarna iarna added the in progress label Jun 27, 2015
@iarna iarna modified the milestone: 3.0.1, 3.2.0, 3.1.0 Jun 29, 2015
@iarna iarna cache: add-local: do full "npm install" w/ prepublish prior to packing
Fixes: #7040
iarna commented Jul 1, 2015

See also #7627



@iarna iarna commented on the diff Jul 7, 2015
@@ -92,13 +93,21 @@ function addLocalDirectory (p, pkgData, shasum, cb) {
getCacheStat(function (er, cs) {
mkdir(path.dirname(pj), function (er, made) {
if (er) return cb(er)
- var doPrePublish = !pathIsInside(p, npm.tmp)
- if (doPrePublish) {
- lifecycle(data, 'prepublish', p, iferr(cb, thenPack))
- } else {
- thenPack()
+ var isProduction = npm.config.get('production')
+ var dir = npm.dir
+ var prefix = npm.prefix
+ npm.config.set('production', false)
iarna Jul 7, 2015 Member

This stuff, in particular, is extremely scary and probably shouldn't be allowed in production code.

iarna Jul 8, 2015 Member

By "this stuff", I mean, trying to get/set things from the global config object, when who knows what else is running and could be effected by this. To land this the production flag needs to be isolated to the installer object, so that we can instantiate an object here with the config we need and run that, rather than calling install.

@iarna iarna modified the milestone: 3.x, 3.2.0 Jul 8, 2015
@othiym23 othiym23 added the git label Jul 16, 2015
iarna commented Sep 16, 2015

Adopting this is blocked by § 3.7 of the roadmap

iarna commented Oct 12, 2015

Closing this, we'll repull when § 3.7 of the roadmap is resolved.

@iarna iarna closed this Oct 12, 2015
@iarna iarna removed the in progress label Oct 12, 2015
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