@domenic domenic released this Dec 11, 2013 · 2716 commits to master since this release

Git URL dependencies are now updated on npm install, fixing a two-year old bug (5829ecf, @robertkowalski). Additional progress on reducing the resulting Git-related I/O is tracked as #4191, but for now, this will be a big improvement.

Added a --json mode to npm outdated to give a parseable output. (0b6c9b7, @yyx990803)

Made npm outdated much prettier and more useful. It now outputs a color-coded and easy-to-read table. (fd3017f, @quimcalpe)

Added the --depth option to npm outdated, so that e.g. you can do npm outdated --depth=0 to show only top-level outdated dependencies. (1d184ef, @yyx990803)

Added a --no-git-tag-version option to npm version, for doing the usual job of npm version minus the Git tagging. This could be useful if you need to increase the version in other related files before actually adding the tag. (59ca984, @evanlucas)

Made npm repo and npm docs work without any arguments, adding them to the list of npm commands that work on the package in the current directory when invoked without arguments. (bf9048e, @robertkowalski; 07600d0, @wilmoore). There are a few other commands we still want to implement this for; see #4204.

Pass through the GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY environment variable to Git, if it is set; we currently do this with a few other environment variables, but we missed that one. (c625de9, @arikon)

Fixed npm dedupe on Windows due to incorrect path separators being used (7677de4, @mcolyer).

Fixed the npm help command when multiple words were searched for; it previously gave a ReferenceError. (6a28dd1, @dereckson)

Stopped re-downloading URL and shrinkwrap dependencies, as demonstrated in #3463 (644c2ff, @spmason). You can use the --force option to force re-download and installation of all dependencies.